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Above and Beyond

Go Above and Beyond at Edmonds College

A college education increases your opportunities and future earning potential — and it can be an inspiring experience.

Whatever your dreams, Edmonds College makes for a great start. You'll join a community of engaged students and find services and resources to support your success. We offer a full-range of college life including on-campus housing, collegiate athletic teams and intramural sports, study abroad, student clubs, and many ways for students to share their talents in art, music, writing, and performance with our community.

In addition, students looking for ways to excel should consider the following opportunities to the most of their college experience. Pursue excellence! Go above and beyond!

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Take Honors Classes

Students who are highly motivated, intellectually talented, and creative will benefit from the additional academic challenge provided in Honors classes. In addition, they'll develop their potential by connecting with Honors activities, faculty mentors, and other Honors students.

Honors participation also provides an edge for transfer students.

Find out more: edmonds.edu/honors


Participate in Undergraduate Research at Edmonds College

Working on research projects provides students with excellent experience that develops their interest, sets them apart, develops their research skills, and demonstrates their strengths and abilities. This can open up opportunities at the four-year colleges and universities to which they transfer, giving them a leg up on peers who have not had undergraduate research experiences.

Projects have included research in acoustics, optics, string theory, wind tunnels, and the antibacterial characteristics of breast milk. Students have also undertaken research in political science on American government policies on educational reform, immigration, hate crimes laws, and improving veterans services and on digital democracy projects studying social media, political mobilization, Twitter, and Facebook. Our students have earned publication credit and recognition for their discoveries.

Find out more: edmonds.edu/ugr

Explore Service-Learning at Edmonds College

Did you know? During 2011-12, more than 600 Edmonds College students, staff, and community members gave 11,500 hours of service while working with more than 100 campus and community partners.

The college's nationally recognized Center for Service-Learning connects students to the community.

Service-learning projects and events enrich classroom education by providing meaningful hands-on work experiences and opportunities for reflection. It's a fun and satisfying way to get out there and learn and a great way to build friendships. Service-learning opportunities can also be a part of undergraduate research projects and Honors classes.

Find out more: edmonds.edu/servicelearning

Get Support for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math Studies

Due to Edmonds College's success at earning National Science Foundation grants the college is able to provide more opportunities for students pursuing STEM careers including scholarships and support services (such as tutoring, advising, and mentoring). STEM careers are in demand in the United States and offer higher than average wages.

The college offers expert instruction in fields such as information technology, engineering, and robotics. Students can pursue an Associate of Science with five areas of specialty or an Associate of Arts in Biology.

The college connects students to professional organizations and employers such as The Boeing Company, Premera Blue Cross, Swedish Edmonds, and Crane Aerospace.

Find out more: edmonds.edu/stem