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Arts and Culture

Arts, Culture, and Civic Engagement (ACCE) Program

The Arts, Culture, and Civic Engagement (ACCE) program at Edmonds College enriches our diverse community through innovative programming, unique partnerships, and lifelong learning opportunities.



ACCE LogoACCE serves as the coordinating body for the creation and promotion of programs aimed at enhancing community cultural development, social inclusion, active citizenship, and personal development.


Collaboration and Communication

Continue to develop strong relationships and expand collaborations among departments, programs, and student organizations across campus to ensure that diverse viewpoints are reflected in events and programming.

Increase partnerships with our local and regional community in order to provide enhanced learning opportunities.

Responsibility and Accountability

Provide opportunities which encourage civic responsibility and service ▪ Encourage engagement in and discourse around social issues affecting our local, regional, national, and global communities

Innovation and Creativity

Promote the development of creative offerings and opportunities in arts, culture, and the natural sciences.

Establish interdisciplinary approaches toward civic and community engagement Diversity, Respect, and Inclusion.

Strengthen civil society through programming that appeals to widely diverging tastes, interests, and perspectives.

Expand activities which foster personal enrichment, as well as a deepened sense of our shared and diverse heritages

Program Initiatives

The ACCE program contributes to the health and vibrancy of our campus, as well as to our local and global communities, by bringing disparate people together to share common experiences. The program enables members of our shared communities to experience and interpret our rapidly changing world through a variety of platforms. By stimulating our imaginations, ACCE gives voice to diverse and under-represented communities, promotes cross-cultural understanding, helps us foster a rich and varied quality of life, and encourages participation in civil society. Since its inception in 2002, ACCE has provided the structural framework for the following initiatives:

ACCE provides operational support for the following initiatives: