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Parking: Free, but Limited. Stay Cool. Plan Ahead.

Edmonds College campus aerial viewParking is free — but limited — at Edmonds College. Allow time to find a parking space and consider using the less often used lots listed below. Students may park in any lot except those marked for staff (lots A, O, P, and Q) or visitors and carpool spaces (lot L).



Student Parking Permits

Parking permit stickers are required on student vehicles. The first permit is free, any additional permits are $15. These can be transferred from vehicle to vehicle but each person is issued one per year.

Obtain a parking permit from the Security Office. Please remember to bring your EdPass (college ID) otherwise we will be unable to issue you a permit.

Display the parking permit sticker in the driver's side front window, lower left corner.

Smart Alternatives to Circling the Lots


Twenty-nine carpool spaces in Lot L are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Apply for a permit at Security in Woodway Hall 214. Download carpool registration form.

Parking Sweet Spots

These are the less popular college parking lots where you are more likely to find a space quickly.

  • Gateway and Monroe Halls (Lots R, S and T)
  • North campus parking by the Maltby and Clearview Buildings

Ride the Bus

To ride Community Transit's buses, you now need an ORCA card. You can add ORCA bus pass benefits to your EdPass (college I.D.). Please fill out the Online Bus Pass Request form in order to receive a bus pass when picking up your EdPass card. There is a one-time $10 card fee and $26 quarterly fee for the Edmonds College/ORCA bus pass.

Ride Share

Visit www.rideshareonline.com for more ways to ease your commute.

Bike to the College

Bike lockers are available — per quarter, first-come, first served. To get a locker, go to Security in Woodway Hall 214 to have your EdPass encoded with door lock access.

Facility Rentals

In the case of facility rentals, fees may apply for parking lot use.

Parking Citations

Parking citations are issued for parking and vehicle violations. Parking remains free and there is no cost for the parking permit stickers.

Get a parking citation? Here are your options.

Read more about the parking and traffic policies and regulations.