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Career Action Center

Internship Program

An Employer's Guide to a Successful Internship

Employer Benefits

  • The internship must be in the student's field of study.
  • A source of highly motivated, exceptionally qualified pre-professionals for part-time or seasonal needs.
  • An effective way to benefit your organization and community by giving direct input into educational training programs.
  • Freedom for professional staff to pursue important tasks or creative projects.
  • An opportunity for current employees to gain supervisory skills.
  • A proven, cost-effective way to recruit and evaluate potential employees before making hiring decisions.
  • Students bring new perspectives to old problems.
  • Your image in the community is enhanced as you contribute your expertise to the educational enterprise.

Elements for a Successful Internship

  • Provide a workspace for your intern.
  • Assign a supervisor that is experienced in the student's field of study to professionally guide and mentor the student intern with the projects, duties or services required by the internship site.
  • Provide appropriate work. Interns benefit from 'real work'. The work experience provides opportunities for new learning and skill development. This work is not to take the place of a paid employee.
  • Provide constructive feedback. Feedback should be specific and reference tangible skills.
  • Frequent feedback gives interns the opportunity to make positive adjustments to their skills.

Edmonds College Requirements

  • Assign a supervisor that can professionally guide and mentor the student intern with the projects, duties or services required by the internship site.
  • Employer reviews and signs the Responsibilities Agreement between student, site and the college.
  • Review and sign the student's Learning Objectives.
  • Complete the student intern's Mid-Term and Final Performance Evaluations.
  • Sign time sheets.
  • Be available for a site visit, call or email from a college representative.