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Your application is an advertisement of yourself and a sample of your work.

Please take these tips into consideration when filling out an application:
Save time! Make a fact sheet with  job history, supervisor’s name, phone numbers, salary information
Make a copy of the blank application, in case you make a mistake and have to start over
Print or write neatly with a pen
Attach your résumé to the application form
Don’t say “See attached résumé” on the application
List the duties from past jobs that most closely match the job you seek
Include internships as part of your work experience
Tell the truth
Use positive language to describe the reason for leaving a position
  • Opportunity for Advancement
  • Company downsized

Include volunteer and community service activities

Salary Expected box, write in Will discuss or Negotiable

Write N/A in blanks that are not applicable

Finish and review it for accuracy

Sign the application; keep a copy