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30 Second Introduction

Your 30 second introduction, sometimes called your “30 second commercial”, is an important marketing tool during your job search. It’s a good idea to develop several different versions and use them as you introduce yourself to new people or when you call employers directly.

Information to include:

  • Your name
  • What you're studying
  • Type of job you're seeking
  • Your skills and strengths
  • Background or accomplishments

Hello. My name is __________. I’m about to graduate from Edmonds College with a degree/certificate in __________. I’m looking for a job using my strengths in __________ and __________. Before returning to school, my background was __________ (describe your earlier work/volunteer experience). Optional, but recommended: include your accomplishments from school or work.

Hello. My name is Jane Smith. In June I’ll be graduating from Edmonds College with an Associate of Technical Arts degree in Paralegal. I’m looking for a position as a document clerk or paralegal. My background includes five years of varied office experience. I’m an excellent writer and also extremely well organized. At my previous job my coworkers often sought my advice about how to rewrite their documents.

My name is John Smith. I’m currently a student at Edmonds College. I’m seeking an internship in accounting. I’ve gotten A’s in all of my accounting classes. Before starting college I worked in an office environment and learned some basic accounting techniques. I’ve always been good at numbers and analytical thinking, and discovered I was a natural when it came to accounting.

Ideas for phrases to include:

  • I'm skilled at…
  • My strengths include…
  • I'm proficient in…
  • I have experience with…