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I-CATCH Student Resources


If you were an Edmonds College I-CATCH student, and are continuing your education in Fall 2021 and beyond:

While the I-CATCH has ended effective 9/29/21, there are many other programs and departments at Edmonds College that will continue to provide support to you as a student. This includes help paying for school, assistance navigating the challenges of your program and classes, and more. We created this page to help you know where to go if you have questions or need help. You are in good hands, and we know you will continue to thrive at Edmonds College.

Campus Resource Guide for I-CATCH Students

Resource Guide and Workshop Videos

Learn about the Financial and Educational Support Resources available at Edmonds College, so you can continue to succeed after the I-CATCH program has ended. This page also features recordings of the recent I-CATCH resource workshops.

Other Lists of Edmonds College Resources

TritonLive: Virtual Support and Assistance

As virtual learning and student support continues into the Summer Quarter, this page contains contact info and support hours for many Edmonds College departments and offices.

Get One-On-One Support, Know Your Resources

An extensive list of departments and programs at Edmonds that are available to you as a student. It is highly recommended that you take some time to read and learn about all of the resources our campus offers.