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What CATCH Students Say

"I like the atmosphere here." — Monique Edwards: CNA, Phlebotomy

Monique Edwards

Why Edmonds College? I liked the atmosphere, being able to contact counselors BEFORE I was a student was really important.

Why now? I needed to make a living wage, so I figured that I would see which degrees/training could make that possible in the shortest amount of time.

Before college: I was working part-time as a Home Care Aide

Biggest challenge: learning to keep Him (Yeshua) first in my life even when there are piles of homework and with children running around.

Favorite class: Intro to Healthcare — I was challenged to think and research what is going on in the healthcare industry today.

Interests: My children, living out God's word, and being an active member in my community

Advice for new students: Ask professionals who have worked a long time in your field of interest about their career experience. Call around and research what degrees or certificates are truly in demand.

"Everyone here is determined to help students." —  Cynthia Guajardo: CNA, Phlebotomy

Why Edmonds College? I was told a lot of good things about Edmonds.

Cynthia Guajardo

Why now? This was the right time to attend college because my children are at the age now where they are influenced. Also, I wanted more in life and a better future for myself and my family.

Before college: I was working in the fast food industry trying to support my family.

Best college experience: I have had a great experience with my instructors and other staff at Edmonds College. Everyone is determined to help students and they are willing to put their best efforts forward in helping students succeed and accomplish goals. My overall experience has been rewarding and wonderful.

Favorite class: Anatomy and Physiology. I was really interested in this course because of the instructor and the way the course was presented. I gained a lot of positive insight into the human body.

Biggest challenge: My biggest challenge was figuring out how to shuffle all the work on top of being able to take care of my family.

Advice for new students: Keep your head high and know that there is hope. You will accomplish and succeed if you put your best effort forward and focus on your goal and the tasks at hand. Don't give up.

College goal: Master's degree in Nursing.

"I'm here for love of learning." —  John Lermusik: CNA, EKG Technician

John Lermusik

Why Edmonds College? Proximity to home, proximity to the Edmonds waterfront, to relax and look at the Olympic Mountains.

Before college: Looking for work.

Why now? The need to keep up with the times and never abandon my love for learning.

Favorite class: Anatomy and Physiology — Kimberly Guerin was so great at teaching this information. Her directions were so clear.

Interests: Distance running, astronomy, liturgy study, chemistry.

Advice for students: Be self motivated; no excuses.

"Education is the key to success." —  Tida Dahaba: CNA

Tida Dahaba

Why CATCH? This college strives for excellence. Also, the staff offer help to students who have special needs and the instructors care about the success of their students. 

Why now? I did not want to live on minimum wage and I want to give my child a better future.

Before CATCH: I stayed at home to take care of my baby

Biggest challenge: Going to school and taking care of my family.

Best college experience: being in a study group.

Favorite class: Intro to Healthcare — I learned about the American healthcare system, different healthcare fields, and how to deal with patients. Also, about the ethical issues that health care providers might encounter, how to prevent medical errors and cultural sensitivity.

Advice for new students: Hard work, determination and internal motivation are the keys for academic success.

Interests: Spending quality time with my family

College goal: master's in science.

Dream job: Registered Nurse. My passion is having an impact on other people's lives, especially those in need.

"I wanted to go through an accredited school."— Ashley Chronister: CLA

Ashley Chronister

Why Edmonds College? I was looking into phlebotomy classes. I wanted to go through an accredited school. I found out about the CATCH program from a friend.

Before Edmonds College: Stay at home mother and some veterinary assistant work. Earned a certificate of completion for veterinary assisting from PIMA Medical Center.

Why now? I married and had my first child at 18 years old. My second child came along when I was 20. I waited till both my children were school age before continuing my education.

Why CATCH? All of the instructors, counselors, and staff in the CATCH program are extremely helpful and encourage us students along the way. The CATCH grant has helped me pay for my schooling to achieve my educational goals.

Best college experience: Meeting fellow students. I met new friends that encouraged me along the way.

Favorite class: Phlebotomy. I enjoyed the procedure of venipuncture. I also enjoyed the instructors Erika and Maria for making a high stress skill fun.

Advice for students: Go for it! You can handle more than you think.

Career goal: Phlebotomist/lab assistant.

"Always keep your education going." — John Scafidi: CNA, EKG Technician

John Scafidi

Why CATCH? The CATCH staff has been great to work with. I always felt that they took our success personally. Very supportive.

Why now? I needed new skills so I could market myself towards new job opportunities.

Before Edmonds College: job search; earned a Bachelor's of Science in Psychology from the University of Pittsburgh

Favorite class: Medical Terminology — it is like learning a sub-language in a language. I enjoyed breaking words down in order to understand complicated and hard to pronounce terms.

Biggest challenge: Trying to do schoolwork when my child is home and awake.

Advice for students: Go outside your comfort zone.

College goal: Registered Nurse

"I am ready for a change in my life." —  Sarah Orr: CNA, Phlebotomy

Sarah Orr

Why CATCH? for all the opportunities to work towards my dreams and goals and to be able to make difference and improve my life and my boys' lives!

Why now? I am ready for a change in my life. I have been doing college on and off since I graduated high school in 2001.

Working at: Little Red School house

Before college: I was working and taking care of my three boys — ages 8,7, and 1 and a half.

Best college experience: the hands on work and the more challenging work.

Favorite class: Basic Patient Care class and the Externship for that class...I love the hands on stuff. My teacher Melissa Herzog was very attentive, answered all questions, and demonstrated for you as needed.

Biggest challenge: Is working through childcare or getting people to assist me to be able to reach my goals. Just having to rely on others to assist me on things I have only done for years alone.

Advice for new students: Work hard, stay focused, ask questions, and use the resources that are given to you — it helps a lot!

College goal: To be where I want to be in the healthcare field and do a job that I love and can make a difference.

Dream job: To make a difference in a person's life every day of my life.