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Advisory Committees

Member Activities

Review Process

  • Review program goals and objectives.
  • Participate on program evaluation teams.
  • Compare program accomplishments with program objectives.
  • Compare student performance with business and industry standards.
  • Review adequacy of facility as a training site.
  • Evaluate quality and quantity of graduates and job placement.
  • Make recommendations for program improvement.
  • Give periodic reports to college administration and Board of Trustees.

Job Placement

  • Organize student/employer conferences.
  • Notify instructors of job openings for students.
  • Provide students with cooperative work experiences or internships.
  • Promote potential cooperative work sites with other employers.
  • Assist students in developing interviewing skills.
  • Conduct occupational surveys.
  • Hire Edmonds College degree and certificate graduates.

Student Organization

  • Assist in developing and judging competitive skill events.
  • Sponsor student activities.
  • Promote student organizations and event

Community Relations

  • Increase community awareness of the college's educational programs.
  • Establish awards programs to recognize outstanding students, teachers, and community leaders.
  • Help identify funding to promote programs.
  • Participate in college events.
  • Assist in developing and implementing a marketing plan.
  • Assist in selecting nominations for scholarship programs.
  • Participate in the development of scholarship support for students.
  • Provide tours and field trip experiences.
  • Provide speakers.
  • Assist in recruiting potential students.

Program Development

  • Identify new technologies to include in classes or programs.
  • Determine labor market needs, trends, and directions.
  • Ensure that program content teaches the skills necessary to enter a specific job market.
  • Review instructional materials for technical accuracy.
  • Assist in obtaining instructional materials.
  • Recommend equipment, supplies, basic skills curriculum and safety policies and procedures.
  • Provide equipment and facilities for specialized training.