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Advisory Committees

Guide and Strengthen College Programs

We are very pleased to have you join one of our advisory committees at Edmonds College. Your participation will help guide and strengthen college programs. With your advice, we can offer innovative programs, responsive services, and instructional excellence to our students and our community.

By working closely with the business and labor communities, our faculty and administrators provide high quality, high performance workforce training and education to our students.

We appreciate your willingness to work as a member of our team and share your ideas and expertise with faculty, staff, and students. We look forward to both working with you and learning from you.

"As advisory committee members, one of our key roles is to connect the working world with the career training programs offered at the college. This helps keep curriculum and courses current and helps students obtain and keep jobs. It's an energizing experience."  - Jay Bakewell, The Boeing Company

For more information or to order a guide, call 425.640.1421.