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Resources for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color students

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The Counseling and Resource Center is committed to increasing awareness about BIPOC mental health, wellness, and the importance of addressing these concerns and the significant effects of racism and racial trauma on the mental health of our community. 

BIPOC Mental Health Month (formally recognized as the Bebe Moore Campbell National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month) highlights the unique mental health challenges and experiences of Black, Indigenous, and people of color communities in getting adequate support and access to appropriate mental health care. 

Join us in centering, celebrating, and supporting the mental health of our BIPOC community!


Love and care for yourself are essential. Consider some of the ideas and resources below:

1. Take time to write down what is upsetting or unsettling to you.

Taking the time to be alone with your thoughts and feelings can be helpful in getting things out of your head and onto paper and tapping into what is important and helpful for you.

2. Rest, take a break, or slow down

It's more important than ever to be gentle with yourself and be okay with changing your pace  or taking a break to avoid burnout. A couple of ideas are taking a mental health day, reading, watching your favorite shows and movies to sustain your energy.

3. Experiment with changing your routine

Sometimes it can be difficult figuring out what works or feels best. It's important to search for ways to reset that you may or may not have tried that can provide comfort. It can be taking a walk, simply standing, reading a new book or participating in a virtual meditation.

Free meditation sites/apps specifically for the BIPOC community:



Wellness Resources: