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Diploma FAQ

A transcript is a record that lists all of a student’s courses, grades, and completed programs. Diplomas and certificates are formal documents that show a student has successfully completed a program of study. Diplomas are awarded for degree programs (e.g., Associate of Arts, Associate of Science, Bachelors, etc.). Certificates are awarded for certificate programs.

The Credentials and Evaluation team helps with diplomas, certificates, and certificates of completion (CoCs) issued for all of our programs. We also provide support with high school diplomas.

The first print of your diploma and/or certificate is free of charge. Reprints may be charged a fee. If you do not receive your first print, please reach out to us so we may help!

Our team sends both an eDiploma and a hard copy of your diploma to the addresses listed in your ctcLink account. Note: At this time, we are unable to provide Certificates of Completion (CoCs) as eDiplomas.

To request a copy of your diploma, print and complete the diploma reprint request form, contact the College Cashier 425.640.1563 or cashiersoffice@edmonds.edu to pay the reprint fee. Reprint requests will not be processed until payment is received. See the form for fees and mailing options. Email the completed form along with a scan of your photo identification to credentials@edmonds.edu, or mail to:

Edmonds College
20000 68th Ave West
Lynnwood WA 98036


An eDiploma is an official, verifiable electronic version of your diploma or certificate. For details on how you may use your eDiploma, please visit Scrip-Safe’s Diplomas Direct page: https://www.scrip-safe.com/diplomas-direct/ 

All graduating students should receive an eDiploma shortly after their degree or certificate is conferred to their academic record. It will be emailed to the address listed in your ctcLink account. Note: Certificates of Completion (CoCs) are not eligible at this time.

Your eDiploma will be sent to the email listed on your ctcLink account from Edmonds College under the address no-reply@diplomasondemandweb.com.

At this time, Certificates of Completion are not set up for eDiploma.

Yes! Complete the Diploma Direct/eDiploma request form. Return the completed form with your photo identification to credentials@edmonds.edu. Please allow five business days for processing.

At this time, there is no fee or charge for the eDiplomas.

Yes! Digitally signed eDiplomas can be downloaded and be sent via email. Diplomas Direct will retain the digital signature for validation purposes.

When you receive your email with your eDiploma, you can verify its authenticity by first downloading the document to your desktop and then going to the URL that is in the left black sidebar of the diploma. (https://diplomasondemandweb.com/validate)

For security reasons, the eDiploma electronic credential cannot be printed.

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