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International Transcript Evaluation

Important! Placement is different from Evaluation.

If you would like to use your past coursework for placement in English or Math (i.e., as an alternative to testing with Testing and Assessment Services), check out our page on Transcripts for Placement! This process uses unofficial transcripts and is typically quick. Evaluations require official transcripts and take much longer.

Did you earn college level credits abroad? Do you want those credits to apply toward a certificate or degree? Then you should get an International Transcript Evaluation!

Unofficial Evaluations and Prerequisites

While waiting for your official transcript evaluation to be complete, you can still make progress in your academic journey using unofficial transcripts! Scroll further down for more information.

Your Triton ID is separate from your ctcLink ID, allowing access to unique Edmonds College technology. The Triton ID can be set-up after a student registers for at least one (1.0) credit of courses. The Triton ID allows all Edmonds College students to use the On-line Graduation Application and Transcript Evaluation (GATE) system as their log-in.

If you are a prospective student that has not registered for courses yet, we recommend connecting with our colleagues in Academic Advising to get an Unofficial Evaluation and craft an academic plan!

You can find out more about Triton ID and how to set it up on the Triton ID and Students Accounts webpage.

If you encounter errors or need help with your Triton ID or ctcLink ID, the Student Technology Advice and Resource Team (START) will be happy to help!

Students with an international transcript need to get an official course-by-course report completed by an independent credentials evaluation service agency. The report must examine your international educational/academic records for the purpose of determining U.S. standards that can be used. The agency must be approved by the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services (NACES). See a list of approved agencies .

When ordering your report, have it sent to our department with the following address:


Edmonds College
ATTN: Transcript Evaluation
20000 68th Ave W
Lynnwood, WA 98036

Edmonds College does not officially endorse or recommend any specific agency. We do often see and use reports from Foundation for International Services, Inc. (FIS), Josef Silny and Associates, Inc. International Education Consultants (JS&A), and World Education Services, Inc. (WES).

If you have a physical sealed (unopened) official report that was sent to your address, you may either mail it to us or drop it off with our colleagues in Enrollment Services.

Due to security reasons, we are unable to accept electronic official reports from students at this time.

As of December 2021, all Edmonds College students may use the On-line Graduation Application and Transcript Evaluation (GATE) system by logging in with their Triton ID.

  1. Using your Triton ID (username and password), log into GATE.
  2. Click the “Select” button next to Evaluation Request - Transfer Credits.
  3. Clearly fill out the fields for:
    • Any former or other names that would appear on your transcripts,
    • The program you are pursuing at Edmonds College,
    • The names of the college(s) you are submitting for evaluation,
    • In the Student Comments field, please provide your Academic Advisor or Faculty Advisor’s name, and
    • In the Student Comments field, provide any other relevant information that will help us with your evaluation (e.g., the transcripts are hard copies being mailed).
  1. Review the information at the bottom, including what students are responsible for, then check the “I have read the above statement” box.
  2. Click the “Submit” button.

Make sure that the email address in your ctcLink account is correct and up-to-date! Once our team is done processing your Evaluation Request, we will contact you via the address listed in your account. On occasion, our team will also reach out to students if we need clarification or additional information.

For more information about communicating with Credentials and Evaluation, check out our Contact Us page.

Viewing Your Transfer Credits

Once your Transcript Evaluation Request is completed, students may view their transferred courses and credit in detail with the Transfer Credit Report screen in the ctcLink Student Homepage. To access the report, log into your ctcLink Student Homepage and click on the Academic Records tile. Click on the ‘View Transfer Credit Report’ from the sidebar menu on the left. For more detailed instructions, visit the ctcLink Reference Center page: View Transfer Credit Report (Fluid).

Due to the nature of ctcLink, transferred courses and credits will not show in detail on your Edmonds College transcript. Transferred credits will show as the name of the original college or institute and a sum of credits at the top.

Credit Checks and Unofficial Evaluations

If you are a current student curious about your progress towards your program, the Academic Advising team offers a Credit Check request form. You can find the link and more information on the Academic Advising page.

While waiting for your official evaluation, prospective and current students can work with the Advising Team or your faculty advisor to obtain an unofficial evaluation of your prior coursework. An unofficial evaluation is a helpful tool to determine which classes you should take at Edmonds College.

Please note― an unofficial evaluation does not guarantee your prior coursework will be accepted during the official evaluation. To make sure you receive the best support, we recommend recording the name of the advisor that helps you and any notes. This will allow us to connect with them if there are any questions or concerns!

Prerequisites and Instructor Permission

If your external transcript demonstrates that you have already met a class’s prerequisite requirements, but your official evaluation has not been completed yet, you can seek Instructor Permission to join!

Take the following steps:

  1. Acquire an unofficial transcript from your previous school or institution.
  2. From the email account listed in your ctcLink account, email the instructor whose class requires the placement or assessment with your:
    1. Name,
    2. ctcLink ID number,
    3. The specific course you wish to join (including any Item numbers or Section details),
    4. Your unofficial transcript (attached to the email), and
    5. Request to join the course, explaining that the processes for alternative assessment and/or pre-requisite evaluations performed by Credentials and Evaluation are being updated, so you need instructor permission.
  3. If the professor grants you permission, forward that email to instructor.permission@edmonds.edu.

If you or your professor have questions about this process, please reach out to our colleagues in Enrollment Services.

If you encounter additional prerequisite or registration challenges, please reach out to Enrollment Services at registration@edmonds.edu .

Helpful Evaluation Information

Submit your evaluation request at least one quarter before you need the credits transferred. Official evaluations traditionally take eight to twelve weeks to process once all transcripts are received. Remote operations, system updates, and similar situations can add delays. This is due to equivalency research and communication with Edmonds faculty to ensure proper record review.

Only official transcripts will be accepted for evaluation. Official transcripts must be provided either:

  • Electronically, sent directly by the academic institution or their approved vendor, OR
  • Sealed in an envelope from the originating institution.
  • Unsealed transcripts and transcripts sent digitally by students are considered ‘opened’ and cannot be used due to security reasons.

If an electronic transcript order asks for our email, please use credentials@edmonds.edu. If a transcript order asks for our mailing address, please use:

Edmonds College
ATTN: Transcript Evaluation
20000 68th Ave W
Lynnwood, WA 98036

There are over 100 programs offered at Edmonds College, and some have very similar names. If you are not certain which specific program is yours, check out the Academic Catalog and reach out to the Advising Team for support.

Your transcripts will be evaluated toward the degree or certificate your list in your request. A separate request may be required for each degree or certificate. If your educational goals change, your transcripts may require re-evaluation. Reach out to us if your goals change!

Course descriptions may be required for: any out of state colleges or universities; transcripts that are older than five years; any English, math, or science courses; and any international transcripts. We will reach out to you via your student email (i.e., the email listed in your ctcLink account) if course descriptions are required for your evaluation.

  • Military Transcripts: To request Military Transcripts be sent to Edmonds college, please visit the Joint Services Transcript Request page. You may also contact the Veterans Resource Center for assistance. The VA requires that you submit official transcripts from every institution you have attended.
  • AP Scores and IB scores: You do not need to submit a Transcript Evaluation Request to have credit applied for your AP scores and IB scores. However, they do need to be sent from their respective institutions (College Board and International Baccalaureate) directly to our office. When these official documents are received, they will be transcribed based on the chart found on the Additional Ways to Earn Credit page.
  • International Transcripts: If you attended an academic institution outside of the United States, please follow the instructions for International Transcript Evaluation.
The Credentials and Evaluation Team aims to process Transfer Evaluation Requests in the order they are received. At certain times of year, graduating students may receive priority. As we work to complete these requests efficiently and thoroughly, we kindly ask that you remain patient and professional.

We do our best to reply back to emails in a timely manner, typically 1 to 3 business days. Certain situations may require more time, and we will do our best to alert you in those instances. Please be mindful that if you send multiple messages to us in rapid succession, it may cause delays in serving you and other students.

If we reach out to you regarding missing transcripts or clarification, and we do not hear back from you in a timely manner, we may void your Transcript Evaluation Request. A voided request is ‘closed’ and not worked on further. But don’t worry! We can reopen your request if you reach back out and we receive what we need!


If you did not find your answer here, please check out our other links. If you still cannot find your answer, check out our Contact Us page!