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Getting Your EdPass


Register with Online Photo Submission


New student EdPass ID cards can be created a week prior to the start of the new quarter. EdPass/ORCA cards can only be made two business days after registering for the classes and the bus pass class and paying your registration fees and tuition.

What You Need:

Your student/employee ID number and a valid form of Photo ID.

If you wish to ride the bus to college, you will need to get an EdPass/ORCA card. It is $36 for the first quarter, and $26 for each renewed quarter.

What Happens Next:

The EdPass Office will approve or deny your online photo submission and enrollment or employment status (no hats, caps, hoods, scarves, headbands, headphones, wireless devices or sunglasses please unless worn daily for religious dogma or medically related). If your online photo is accepted or denied, you will receive further instructions.

Questions regarding the EdPass process? Call 425.640.1143 or email EdPass@edmonds.edu.