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Online Photo Submission

Who Can Submit a Photo Online?

All students, employees, volunteers, and Central Washington University (CWU) Lynnwood Center employees who are new to Edmonds College and who have registered or working during the current quarter can submit a photo online.

Step 1

  • To create an account, go to Register for eAccounts
  • You may use your personal email address. This does not need to be your Edmonds College email address.
  • Create your own personal username (write this down).
  • Then continue to fill out the form. Fill in all sections.
  • A confirmation message will be sent to the email used to register the account.
  • Once you have confirmed the email address, log in to the card application.
  • After logging in you will be asked for your customer ID (your SID number) and last name.

Video Tutorial

Step 2

All photos are subject to management approval and must meet the college photo requirements. We do not accept photo submissions sent via email. All submissions are required to include an image of your government-issued photo ID. Please see the list of accepted government photo IDs.

  • Go to your profile page where you will find a link to upload your photo.
  • A message will be sent to the email address used to register the card application account registration if the photo was approved or rejected.

Due to a high volume of photos we receive during orientation season, please allow 1-2 business days for processing your image.

Why should I submit a photo?

This gives you the opportunity to submit a photo that you prefer, so you don’t have to take one on our campus. Additionally, uploading your preferred image will help you avoid long wait times and will save time when you arrive on campus.

When do I get my card?

If your photo is accepted, you will receive further instructions.

How long is my card valid?

Students: you will have your EdPass card for the rest of your college career. Faculty and administration will have access to your photo ID on the college roster system.

Employees: your EdPass card will be valid while you are employed at the college.

What if I want to upgrade my EdPass to the college; Bus Pass (EdPass/ORCA Card)?

Please email the EdPass Office after you have registered for the Edmonds College bus pass but before you submit your photo online. If you do not notify the EdPass Office before you submit your photo that you are requesting the bus pass, your card could be delayed and need to be reprinted when you come for pick-up. The EdPass Office is not responsible for issuing a non-EdPass/ORCA card if we have not been notified.

What if I do not like my picture once it has been printed?

Once a picture has been printed, there is a $30 fee to issue a replacement card.