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Equity and Inclusion

Working Together

Dear Triton Community,

At Edmonds College, we are committed to student success for all and having a diverse, equitable, and inclusive campus community. As an institution, we are intentionally working to create an educational environment that embodies institutional transformation while actively advancing success for all students. We endorse the SBCTC Equity/Diversity vision statement that calls for us to lead with racial equity to “maximize student potential and transform lives with a culture of belonging that advances racial, social, and economic justice in service to our diverse communities.” As we move forward on this equity journey that includes our commitment to becoming an anti-racist institution, we acknowledge that as a community, we must come together to provide comprehensive learning opportunities, inclusive strategies and services that support our students’ educational goals, career aspirations, and success.

Contact Information

Dr. Yvonne Terrell-Powell

Vice President, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging Division
yvonne.terrellpowell@edmonds.edu | 425.640.1456

Kristin Prasanna

Executive Assistant to the Vice President
kristin.prasanna@edmonds.edu | 425.640.1340