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Instructor-Institutional Withdrawal Policy

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Instructors may initiate a withdrawal for students who do not attend 60 percent (three days) of on-ground classes, or participate in 60 percent of online classes during the first five instructional days of the quarter. Instructors may extend this option through the tenth day of the quarter (eight days for summer) for students who initially attended/participated in class, but by the tenth day have achieved less than 60 percent attendance/participation.

Please note that this is done at the discretion of individual instructors. Students cannot rely on instructors to initiate a withdrawal, nor can they expect automatic withdrawal because they fail to attend or participate in a class.

Refund of Tuition and Fees

Students enrolled in state-support classes who are withdrawn during the first five days of the quarter receive a full refund of tuition and fees. Students who are withdrawn between the sixth day and the twentieth day of the quarter receive a 50 percent refund of tuition and fees.

Self-support classes have different refund policies: No refund is given for online self-support classes after the first day of the quarter, and no refund is given for all other self-support classes after the first day of class. The class schedule indicates which classes are designated as self-support.

Because instructor initiated withdrawals are discretionary, students remain responsible for officially withdrawing from classes within the specified deadlines published in the official academic calendar to be eligible for a refund.

Institution-Initiated Withdrawal

The college may withdraw a student from a class or classes if the student has been suspended for lack of academic achievement, has not paid tuition, or whose conduct has resulted in a disciplinary suspension/termination. A tuition refund may not be provided under these circumstances.