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LGBTQ Initiative

When students register for summer/fall classes, they will see two new questions on both the online and paper version of the registration form:

  1. What is your sexual orientation?
    • Bisexual
    • Gay
    • Lesbian
    • Queer
    • Straight/heterosexual
    • Other
    • Prefer not to answer
  2. What is your gender identity?
    • Feminine
    • Masculine
    • Gender neutral
    • Transgender
    • Other
    • Prefer not to answer

These questions are optional. However, students are encouraged to provide this confidential information so we can design and implement programs and services that provide meaningful and rewarding learning opportunities for all students.

We are committed to promoting a safe and inclusive learning environment for LGBTQ students at Edmonds College. In order to do this, we need your help! Collecting this data will allow us to know more about our students and be better prepared to design and develop curricular and co-curricular programs that reflect students' diverse perspectives and experiences.

We believe the implementation of this new process will serve as a testimony of our commitment to diversity, academic achievement, and student success.

Program examples include:

  • Campus safe zones projects and training
  • LGBTQ/Diversity Student Centers
  • Student, staff, and faculty professional development
  • Mentoring for LGBTQ organizations and clubs
  • Course offerings
  • Funding and scholarships

For more information, please click on these links:

History and Background