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Posted Nov. 23 - Serving and supporting students and the community remotely. Please do not come to campus unless you have an in-person class or a child at the Center for Families. Text us your questions at 425.243.0867.
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Register for Classes

Using Schedule Planner

CCNThe Schedule Planner is a fast and convenient way to view a list of open classes. You may also isolate classes by time and day. Here are a few helpful instructions before you begin:

  • When entering courses, type the department prefix followed by a space, followed by the course number. Here are some examples: ENGL& 101, MATH 080, HORT 103
  • Note that certain courses that are part of the Common Course Numbering require the ampersand (&) symbol to be typed immediately after the department prefix (i.e. CHEM& 131). See the full list at the link above.
  • To view a list of math labs, add the letter I to the entry:
    MATH 060I, BUS 130I, MATH 090I.
    When looking for a math course from MATH 040 - MATH 090, you may want to consider viewing a list of math labs.
  • To access a list of available MATH 040 lecture courses, enter the following - MATH 040J
  • Note that many classes have labs scheduled to meet at times other than the regular class meeting. Refer to the class schedule to view lab times.

I. Science Labs: Most science classes allow you to choose between two different labs. Some offer only one choice. For lab science courses, you must register for at least one lab in addition to the lecture section.

II. Computer Science/CIS Labs: Most classes in this category have one lab assigned. When registering for the class, make certain you include the lab as well.

  • You may block out certain times or days of the week. To exclude all Saturday classes from your list, simply left click on the word "Sat." To exclude viewing classes offered at 6 a.m., left click on the box containing 06:00am.
  • After you select your classes, you may register by clicking on the boxes located at the bottom of the page.  When registering online, make sure you continue to click each step, including the Finish button. Always view your schedule to make certain online registration was completed correctly.
  • To view your schedule, go to https://transact.edcc.edu/student/waci003.html.
  • To print your schedule, place your mouse over the schedule. Left click within the white space. Hit the print button on your toolbar.
  • Remember that you are responsible to meet all prerequisites for a class. Although you may be able to enroll in a class by registering online or in person, prerequisites will be checked the first week of the quarter. Students who do not meet the appropriate prerequisites will be removed from the class.

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