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Enrollment Services

Enrollment Services

Waitlist System

How it works:

    1. Students add and drop classes throughout the registration period. Classes that reach capacity (meaning they have filled) are closed to enrollment.
    2. Students who wish to register for a class that has reached capacity are given the option of placing their names on the waitlist for that class.
    3. As spots become available, students are moved from the waitlist into the class.
    4. An email notification is sent to students using the email address on file letting them know that they were successfully enrolled for the waitlisted class.
    5. See our Tuition Deadlines page to make sure you pay by the deadline.

Other Important Notes:

  • The ctcLink system prevents students from registering for multiple sections of the same course.  If the class you want is full, but there's another section that's open and would work as a backup section, it's recommended that you do the following:
    • Enroll into the backup section, but don't put yourself on the waitlist for the other section just yet. 
    • Set up a "swap" to tell the system to drop the backup section if, and only if, it can add the waitlisted section.  Doing this will also put you on the waitlist.
    • If you add yourself to the waitlist without going through the "swap" option, the waitlist system will ignore you as long as you are still enrolled in another section of the same course.
  • You can view your waitlist status, or remove yourself from a waitlist, within the ctcLink Portal.
  • If you have a hold on your account that prevents registration, and if you are then at the top of a waitlist for a reopened class, we'll send you an email notifying you of the hold. Note that until the hold is removed, the system will automatically ignore you and enroll other waitlisted students instead.
  • At their discretion, instructors may give permission to overload a waitlisted class, provided that students are given permission in the order they appear on the waitlist.
  • Do not contact the instructor prior to the start of the quarter to inquire about registering as an overload for a class that has a waitlist.
  • Not all campus courses have a waitlist option.

What to do once the quarter begins:

  • The waitlists will stay open through the third day of the quarter.  Make sure to log in to your student account to see if you have been moved into a class.
  • If you are still on a waitlist and wish to take the class, email the instructor on the first day of class and let the instructor know you are still interested in the class. If the instructor will allow you into the class, please complete and submit this form.  [Note: the Instructor Permission form is NOT active or applicable after the 2nd week of the term. If you have enrollment questions please contact us at registration@edmonds.edu.]
  • Your instructor will be notified of your request.  If approved, you will be enrolled in the class and notified.