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Expanding Your Horizons Conference Workshops


Presenter name Company Title Description Additional Materials
Mikayla Monroe Ocean Gate 2020 Keynote Come experience what it’s like to support a submersible as it dives in the ocean and collects data. Explore the systems required to support people inside and navigate the seafloor. View profiles of ocean temperature and salinity and experiment with how the ocean chemistry influences a sub’s buoyancy.  
Amy Bergin Rock Solid Science Minerals in Your Everyday Life What’s in your cell phone? Learn how rocks, minerals, and mining impact our daily lives.  
Anvesha Nuevo Foundation Short & Sweet - Python Earsketch Anvesha S. goes over how to make your own song with code.  
Ardi Kveven ORCA Secret Life of Plankton Engage in the work of a marine biologist by studying the base of the marine food chain. Learn how to catch these free floating critters, observe plankton under the microscope and create models that replicate their lifestyle.  
Ariel Topletz-Erickson Seattle Genetics Clinical Pharmacology: The Science of What Happens to Medicines in the Body Have you ever wondered who decides how much medicine to take and how often (Once every 4 hours? Twice a day?)? Learn about the exciting world of CLINICAL PHARMACOLOGY, where we develop medicines and make existing ones better. Clinical Pharmacologists are the scientists who help teach the doctors and pharmacists which medicines, how much and when to give to patients. We also study things like how getting the right amount of vitamins (not too much or too little), such as vitamin A, are important to overall health and developing babies. Clinical Pharmacology is a unique career path that combines bits of biology, chemistry, math, and physiology- and it’s super fun!  
Crystal Wright WA Department of Financial Institutions Fun with Finances – Budget Beginnings No matter how much money you make or how old you are, it is important to understand how to manage your finances. We will discuss the Three R’s of Budgeting: Reality, Restraint, and Responsibility, as well as the importance of having short and long term money goals. Come join us as we engage in interactive, discussions about money and budgeting!  
Daniel E Nuevo Foundation A Window Into Programming and Video Games Daniel E. shares his love for programming and how video games are made!  
Eduardo O. Nuevo Foundation Developing an HTML5 Game Eduardo O. shares how to build an awesome Breakout clone game programmed with HTML5!  
Ellen Beeman DigiPen Designing Video Games In this workshop, you'll learn about working in the videogame industry, and ways you can start building your own skills for these exciting careers. Ellen will also talk about and demonstrate one specific game design skill that you can start practicing now... how to prototype and "playtest" your own game designs! Presentation
Emma Cave Women in Chemical Sciences Testing pH and the life of a Chemist Come learn how to test the pH of household items with us! Inclusion in Chemical Sciences at UW has put together a virtual workshop that covers what it’s like to be a chemistry graduate student, show you an at-home pH indicator demo and an online acid titration activity! Presentation
Jenelle Dalit Boeing Working at Boeing Find out what it's like to work for boeing and check out the activity to the right to see how to build a cool airplane. Activity
Kathryn B Nuevo Foundation Kathryn's Path Into Software Engineering Kathryn B. is a software engineer and would like to share her story about how she got interested in STEM!  
Madeleyne V Nuevo Foundation Drums and Adafruit Madeleyne V. loves to play drums so she wants to teach you how to make your own drum kit with 3 mason jars and an Adafruit at home!  
Martine Stillman Synapse Product Development Engineering Design – Creating Products that Work How do companies like Nike and Panasonic design their products? Come learn the process designers and engineers use to make the products you use every day, from someone who has helped design products from wearables to medical devices. We’ll choose a topic and design a product together, and you'll learn how to lead effective brainstorms and down-select to the best options.  
Rebecca Baibak Integrus Architecture The Life of an Architecht The workshop drives the students through the experiences and thoughts of three women in architecture at different stages of their careers - from why to study architecture to the different phases of the design process, all the way through construction. The goal is to show the students the role of an architect in creating a learning environment. With a focus on the Programming & Planning phases of design, it highlights the importance of Engagement and Listening through a shared virtual engagement process with students. During the session, students analyze what a learning space should look like, and explore how learning from home may change what physical places for learning should accommodate.  
Dr. Reitha Weeks Scientist, Educator, Volunteer The Nose Knows! How well can you smell? Come learn how the nose functions and the importance of chemical molecules behind smell.