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Financial Aid

CARES Funds/COVID-19 Emergency Funds 

You will receive a letter letting you know if you are eligible to receive funding. The letter is your assurance that you will receive funding. To avoid delays in receiving funds you must confirm the below items are correct and reflected in ctcLink by contacting Enrollment Services

  • Social Security number or ITIN number on file in ctcLInk with Enrollment Services.
  • A current United States address. Update Contact Information.
  • In order to prevent issues with setting up Bank Mobile through Edmonds College, you need to make sure that your preferred email at Edmonds College does not match the email address you have used in Bank Mobile at any other institution. Update Contact Information.

For students who do not have a financial aid file, we have to manually build the Financial Aid tile pathway for you in ctcLInk. 

After we are able to load your Financial Aid tile in ctcLInk, you will receive a letter from Bank Mobile in 7-10 business days with a personal code for you to use, to set up your refund selection. 

Please do not contact Financial Aid, unless it has been more than 10 business days after your award was posted in the Financial Aid tile of ctcLink and you have not received your refund selection kit.

We will work to have these in place as quickly as possible, but it could take multiple weeks to disburse all funds.

Additional Emergency Funding Resources

Please visit the Triton Student Resource Hub.

Complete the startnextquarter.org survey, to see if you may qualify for any alternative funding programs at Edmonds College.

Covid-19 Funds Link