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Work-study awards are made to all eligible students and provide an opportunity to earn part of the funds needed to attend school. There are two sources of work-study funding: State and Federal. You apply and then interview with the potential employer on campus, and confirm your award amount meets the needs of the employer.

Submit a Support Request to see your eligibility for a work-study award. 

You are not required to accept a work-study award and seek employment. A work-study award is not a guarantee of employment.

A student who accepts a work-study award will need to contact the Career Action Center to find a list of departments which are hiring work-study students.

Students who obtain work-study employment:

  • Must maintain enrollment of 6 or more credits each quarter.
  • May work up to 19 hours per week during the quarter.
  • May work full time during breaks between quarters, depending on the needs of the department.
  • May have only one work-study job per quarter.
  • May earn up to the amount of their award. Actual earnings may be less than the amount of their work-study award. Funds that are not earned will not be given to them at a later time.
  • Most work-study students are paid twice a month.

Note to students receiving TANF or other Title IV benefit: State work-study earnings may affect the level of Title IV benefits that you receive.