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Financial Aid Services

Receiving your Aid

Eligible applicants will be sent an email when awarded. You can view your awards in the Financial Aid Tile of ctcLink. Choose the Aid Year and the Institution, then click the blue hyperlinks to drill into the details. You will get a green envelope 7-10 business days in the mail after we load your awards in ctcLink. The MyAwards/Opportunity Pathways section will indicate the amount awarded from each funding program each quarter of that academic year. 

Each quarter, after you are awarded, we first pay any tuition, fees, and housing that you may owe to the college. If there is a remaining balance, also referred to as a financial aid refund, BankMobile Disbursements, a technology solution, powered by BMTX, Inc. will send it to you according to the refund selection you chose. 

All awards are offered with the assumption of full time enrollment (12 credits or more). That doesn't mean that you have to be enrolled in 12 or more credits to receive Financial Aid.  However, the amount of your award depends on the number of credits you are taking towards your program each quarter.

All of your classes must be required for your program of study (or a pre-requisite to a required class) to receive funding. If you are unsure, review your program requirement sheet for the program you are working on or talk with an Academic or Program Advisor.


Adjustment of Grants* for Enrollment Levels (approximate):

  • 12 credits or more: 100%
  • 9-11 credits: 75%
  • 6-8 credits: 50%
  • 1-5 credits: 25%

*Loans or Workstudy typically do not adjust down as long as you are within your cost of attendance for that quarter.

Minimum Credit Requirements Per Quarter*:

  • Direct Loans: Must be enrolled for at least 6 credits
  • WA College Grant: Minimum 3 credits (also includes College Bound Scholarship)
  • Edmonds College Grant or Tuition Waiver: Minimum 3 credits
  • Other Grants/Scholarships: Determined by funding program or scholarship donor
  • Workstudy: Minimum 6 credits 

*All credits used for funding level must be required for current degree at Edmonds College.

If you are enrolled for less than full time (12 credits or more) then you must submit an Information Change Form at least 7-10 days prior to the start of the quarter to avoid a delay in receiving your funds.  If you are on an academic plan, you must notify Financial Aid of any changes to your approved plan before funds are disbursed or you may owe a repayment of funds.

Your class schedule must be finalized by the 10th* day of the quarter (last day to drop without transcript entry), also referred to as the Financial Aid Census date. 

  • Financial Aid awards cannot be adjusted up or down after this date.
  • If you drop classes on or before the the census day of the quarter, and you have already received funds,  you may owe funds back to financial aid and/or be placed on warning or termination.
  • If a class is canceled or you do not attend a class, you may also owe a repayment of funds.
  • If you add a class after the census day, you will have to pay for any additional tuition and fee charges out of pocket. 

*The Financial Aid census day change to 10th day begins Summer 2020 (July 1, 2020).