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Financial Aid Services

Disbursement of Funds - BankMobile Disbursements

Edmonds College has partnered with BankMobile to disburse all financial aid funds to our students.  This partnership gives you options on how you would like to receive your refunds.

Each quarter, after you are awarded, we first pay any tuition, fees, and housing that you may owe to the college.  If there is a remaining balance, also referred to as a financial aid refund, BankMobile will send it to you according to the refund preference you select.

After we review your financial aid file and we load the Financial Aid tile in ctcLink with your awards, we will send your information to BankMobile and they will followup with you. You will receive a green envelope in the mail 7-10 business days after we load you awards. For more information about BankMobile, visit bankmobiledisbursements.com/how-it-works.

Keep your address at the college up to date to avoid any delays in receiving your refund selection kit.  You can update your student contact information in ctcLink. BankMobile will also email you the selection kit information to your email on file.  This will most likely go to your preferred email in ctcLink, but may go to your person email from your FAFSA or WASFA due to timing, so check both. 

Please Note: Refunds due to dropping a class are sent by paper check to your current address from Edmonds College.  BankMobile is not an option for enrollment refunds at this time.

View our required disclosures and contract with BankMobile, a Division of Customer Bank.