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Financial Aid Services

Funding Limitations

To receive financial aid you must take classes that go towards an approved degree or certificate program offered here at Edmonds College. We cannot fund classes needed for another schools' degree programs or admission requirements. There are also limits on the number of degree or certificate programs you may earn, as well as limits on the number of credits you earn or attempt, and still receive financial aid.

Credit Funding Limitations

Federal and state regulations limit the amount of funding you may receive based on the number of earned or attempted credits included on your transcript. Attempted credits include classes listed that reflect no credit received, as well as credits transferred in from another school.

  • You are required to complete your degree within the maximum time frame allowed, which is 125% of the credits needed to graduate.
    • Only required classes, or prerequisite classes (classes needed before a required class can be taken) are funded.
    • When students reach, or will reach during the upcoming school year, 125% of the credits needed to graduate, they must submit a Graduation Plan, which documents the classes needed to complete their degree or certificate programs.
    • You are not eligible for financial aid if it is mathematically impossible to complete a degree or certificate within 125% of the credits needed to graduate.
    • You may change degree programs once without earning a degree. After one change, students are expected to complete a degree or certificate before pursuing another program.
    • You may only work on one program at a time and must only take classes for that program.
  • Up to 45 credits in remedial (those below the 100 level) and prerequisite courses are funded if required for college success, or completion of a degree or certificate program.

Degree Funding Limitations

Edmonds College limits the number of funded degree or certificate programs to one of the following:

  • Two 2-year degree programs (provided you don’t get two AA’s or two AS’s or two AAS-T’s) and one certificate, or
  • One 2-year degree and three certificates, or
  • Five certificates