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Financial Aid Services

Petitions for Reinstatement

What to do if your aid is terminated

We care about your academic success and are ready to support you in reaching your academic and career goals. If you had difficulties completing a quarter successfully, and your aid is canceled, you can appeal by submitting a petition for reinstatement. Please note: Students on Ineligible Status may not be considered for reinstatement of their aid if pace and GPA are below minimum requirements. See Regaining Eligibility for available options.

How to petition for reinstatement of your aid

Complete the SAP Petition for Reinstatement form and attach supporting documentation. Petitions for Reinstatement of Aid are not considered until a repayment if owed, is made from a prior quarter.

  • Write a letter explaining any unusual or extenuating circumstances that prevented you from completing the quarter successfully. Your letter should include:
    • The details of what happened, and
    • What has changed so that the same situation does not occur again, and/or
    • The steps you are taking to ensure your future academic success.
  • Include documentation of your circumstances. For example, you might include a note from your health care provider, legal documents, a death certificate, obituary, a letter or emails from your instructor indicating a plan to complete a class you recevied and incomplete for, or a letter/email from the learning support office on campus, etc.
  • Submit the signed petition form,  emails, and documentation, to the Financial Aid Office

Additional required documentation

At the time your petition is reviewed, we may determine additional documentation is needed. You are notified via Email if this happens. We may ask for:

  • An updated or new Graduation Plan signed by an advisor.
  • Official transcripts from other colleges you attended if any.
  • Clarifying documentation regarding your circumstances.

Reasons petitions are denied

We take into consideration unusual or extenuating circumstances that were beyond your control, and were generally sudden or unexpected. Some students are not eligible for reinstatement of aid. These situations include:

  • You are on Ineligible Status.
  • Cumulative and college level GPA (Grade Point Average) is below a 2.0, and you have more than one quarter of attendance at Edmonds College.
  • You were on probation during the quarter you wish to petition. This means you had your aid reinstated for the quarter immediately preceding the one you wish to petition. Having your aid terminated or canceled two quarters in a row, results in Ineligible Status and an automatic denial of reinstatement.
  • You owe a repayment of the financial aid you received. This usually means you completed zero credits, you dropped or stopped attending one or more classes during the first week of the quarter, or you stopped attending or dropped your classes before 60% of the quarter had passed.
  • You are not making Pace. This means you have completed less than 67% of your overall attempted credits, which includes grades of 0.0, W, V, I, U, X, and N. When you do not make Pace, you are not on track to complete your degree within the federal and state Maximum Time Frame.
  • You have a history of not making satisfactory academic progress at Edmonds College, and/or at other colleges you attended.
  • You did not provide supporting documentation.

What happens if your petition is denied?

  • If you have additional information or documentation that may help clarify your situation and add to your petition, you can appeal a denied petition. You can do that by submitting another petition and checking "I am appealing a previous denial of reinstatement".
  • You are given up to one week to pay your own tuition so that you can continue attending classes.
  • If you do not pay your own tuition, you may be dropped from your classes for non-payment or will be billed for the full tuition balance.
  • If you drop after the "last day to drop a class without a transcript entry" (typically 10th day - see academic calendar) then you will have W’s on your transcript, which may cause another quarter of deficient academic progress. You will need to complete a “Petition for Exception to Policy” through Enrollment Services to have those removed.
  • Your grant funds are canceled.
  • Your loan funds are returned to the Federal Direct Loan Program, or private lender if applicable, and future disbursements are canceled.
  • If you owe a repayment of your financial aid, a hold is placed on your records. This hold prevents you from registering for an upcoming quarter, changing your schedule,  until the amount you owe is paid. Please contact the Cashiers to make a repayment.