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Financial Aid Services

Regaining Eligibility

If your SAP petition is denied, or you are on Ineligible Status, you are not eligible to receive federal or state financial aid, which includes loans and workstudy.  Campus program funds from Worker Retraining, Workfirst, BFET, or Opportunity Grant, in addition to scholarships, Veterans Educational Benefits, and Athletic Tuition Waivers will be decided on a case by case basis.

To regain eligibility for Federal or State aid you must demonstrate, using your own resources to pay for educational expenses, that you have taken steps to bring yourself back into satisfactory academic standing. The list below indicates some of the ways in which you may regain your eligibility. 

  • If you have additional information or documentation that may help clarify your situation and add to your petition, you can appeal a denied petition by submitting another appeal with the additional information. 
  • If your overall GPA is below a 2.0, you must bring it up to at least a 2.0 before you are considered for reinstatement. This is generally done in three ways:
    • Repeat, and improve the grades for the exact same classes you previously failed. You can then submit a Course Repeat Request through the GATE system, which requests that the original grade be removed from the GPA calculation.
    • Consistently take required classes needed for your degree or certificate program and earn grades above 2.0.
    • If it has been two or more years since you attended Edmonds College, you may qualify for a Petition for Academic Renewal/Grade Expunge, once you have completed 30 college level credits, within a three-quarter time frame, and with a GPA of 2.5. 
  • If we determined that you cannot complete your degree or certificate program within the 150% maximum time frame (credit limitation), you may take the following steps to regain your eligibility:
    • Complete your program, and then petition asking that the credits for that program not be counted so that you can pursue a new program
    • Complete a specified number of credits to bring your credit completion rate up to 67%. Financial Aid determines the number of credits you must complete to be in compliance with the federal rule.
  • Take classes for a specified number of quarters and/or credits to demonstrate your ability to complete your classes successfully. Review the ineligible letter you received to determine the number of credits or gpa calculation provided. If you need additional information, contact the Financial Aid Office.