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Financial Aid Services

Repayment/Return of Funds

Withdrawing from classes or completing zero credits before completing 60 percent (Federal) of the quarter or for not beginning attendance in a class may result in owing a repayment of the financial aid you received. Repayments are calculated based on the federal Return of Title IV Aid and State Aid policies.

Please note the following:

  • Instructors report the last day you attended or participated in classes. We use the date your instructors report to determine if you completed at least 60 percent of the quarter.
  • Repayments are prorated based on the percentage of the quarter you completed for Federal Aid.
  • Student repayments are reported to the Department of Education and the Washington Student Achievement Council (WSAC). This may also affect your eligibility for aid at other institutions.
  • If you owe a repayment, you are notified by the college. 
  • Petitions for Reinstatement of Aid are not considered until repayment is made.
  • Based on regulations, the school may be required to refund a portion of your tuition and fees and return the refund to the appropriate grant and/or loan program. Additionally, undisbursed loan funds are returned to the Federal Direct Loan Program, and future disbursements are canceled if your aid is not reinstated for the upcoming quarter.
    • You are notified through the U.S. Mail or email of any return of federal or state funds.
    • You are notified through the U.S. Mail or email if your loan is canceled.