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Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Status Types

Federal and state regulations require us to impose consequences when students do not maintain SAP. Below is a list of the possible consequences you may receive if you fail to make SAP in any given quarter, and/or in your overall cumulative time here at Edmonds College.

  • Warning Status – When you fail to make SAP you are generally placed on Warning first. However, not all students are given a Warning, even when SAP problems occur for the first time. Use the chart below for exceptions to the assignment of Warning Status. Warning is a notice only. Access to aid for an upcoming quarter is not affected.
Enrollment/Funded Status Required Minimum Completion Warning Status – complete: Termination Status – complete:
Full-Time 12+ credits 12 credits 9-11 credits 8 or less credits
¾ Time 9-11 credits 9 credits 7-8 credits 6 or less credits
½ Time 6-8 credits 6 credits 5 credits 4 or less credits
<½ Time 1-5 credits All Funded Credits N/A Less than all credits
Taking classes outside degree/certificate program   N/A Termination Applied


  • Termination Status – This means your aid is cancelled. Termination happens if:
    • You are on Warning and fail to make SAP
    • We determine you are not making overall Pace
    • You have a cumulative or college level GPA below a 2.0
    • We determine that you cannot complete your degree within the Maximum Time Frame
    • You take classes outside your degree program
  • Probation Status – If you are on Termination and successfully petition to have your aid reinstated, you are reinstated to Probation for your next quarter.
  • Ineligible Status – If you are Ineligible, you may not petition for reinstatement until you successfully demonstrate that you are once again making SAP using your own resources. Ineligible Status occurs when:
    • You are on Probation and you fail to make SAP
    • We determine that it is not mathematically possible, based on your overall academic record to raise your overall cumulative and college level GPA to at least a 2.0 within two quarters
    • We determine that it is not mathematically possible to complete your degree within the 150% maximum time frame