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Associate Faculty Professional Development Award: Previous Winners

2019 Recipient:

Luke McQuade, Social and Human Services

2018 Recipient:

Jean Van Hollebeke, College and Career Prep/Pre-College

2017 Recipient:

Dan Kelley-Peterson, Counseling and Resource Center

2016 Recipient:

Guy Ting, Chemistry 

2015 Recipient:

Bess Bronstein, Horticulture

2014 Recipient:

Zsofia Pazstor, Horticulture

2013 Recipient:

Marcia Woodard, Humanities and Social Sciences

2012 Recipient:

Kevin Fogarty, Culinary Arts Department

2011 Recipient:

Jennifer "Gem" Baldwin, Anthropology and Women's Studies

2010 Recipient:

Chris Bell, History and Arts, Culture and Civic Engagement

2009 Recipient:

Steve Sosa, Distance Learning/Media Services

2008 Recipient:

Larry Breslauer, Developmental Education

2007 Recipient:

Dan Neish, Humanities and Social Sciences

2006 Recipient:

Mike Wagner, Social and Human Services

2005 Recipient:

Cheryl McLean, Developmental Education

2004 Recipient:

Machiko Akasaka, Japanese Instructor

2003 Recipient:

Sandra Linsin, English Department