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Barbara Patterson Exempt Employee Award: Previous Winners

2019 Recipient:

Rebecca Kobernik,  ABE/AHS/GED Advising Manager

2018 Recipient:

Nadescha Bunje, Human Resources

2017 Recipient:

Lisa Thompson, Office of International Programs

2016 Recipient:

Pat Copeland, Health and Human Services

2015 Recipient:

Heidi Farani, Academic Advising

2014 Recipient:

Marisa DuBois, International Education

2013 Recipient:

Maureen Little, Pre-College / Developmental Education

2012 Recipient:

Gina Certain, Workforce Development

2011 Recipient:

Stephanie Baron, Advising

2010 Recipient:

Peter Schmidt, Student Services

2009 Recipient:

Karen Norris, Human Resources

2008 Recipient:

Pat Marks, Learning Support Center

2007 Recipient:

Martha Acosta Pieters, Office of International Programs

2006 Recipient:

Dana Connolly, Head Start

2005 Recipient:

Pat Huffman, Student Services

2004 Recipient:

Barbara Harrell, Developmental Education

2003 Recipient:

Liz Payne, Office of the Vice President of Instruction