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Classified Excellence Award: Previous Winners

2019 Recipient:

Vincent Vanhee, International Programs and Marketing

2018 Recipient:

Dan Acosta, Facilities Planning and Operations Department

2017 Recipient:

Lurana Culligan, Library Circulation Department

2016 Recipient:

Ruben Silva, Head Start

2015 Recipient:

Vanessa Halverson, Business Division

2014 Recipients:

Cherry Cain, Running Start

2013 Recipients:

  • David Voogd, Information Technology
  • Olga Mastikash, Custodial Services

2012 Recipients:

  • Becky Engstrom, Health / Human Service Division
  • Lian Sell, Human Resources

2011 Recipients:

  • Marisa Dorazio, Communications and Marketing
  • Kim Johansen, Athletics and PE / Health Department

2010 Recipients:

Jim Sciascia, Business Technology Center

2009 Recipients:

  • Donna Curran, Business Division
  • Barbara Pardo, Organization Development and Employee Training

2008 Recipients:

  • Charlotte Cushing, Custodial Services
  • Norma Dalton, Print and Mail Center
  • Debbie Lau, Human Resources

2007 Recipients:

  • Liz Woolms, Budget Accounting
  • Mary Richter, Developmental Education

2006 Recipients:

  • David Rynearson, Information Technology
  • Ben Kim, Information Technology
  • Misty Cline, Computer Info Systems

2005 Recipients:

  • Lenora Ebenal, Counseling & Resource Center
  • Lorraine Necaise, Developmental Education

2004 Recipients:

  • Joanne Dahl, Business Information Technology
  • Iordan Iordanov, Custodial Services

2003 Recipients:

  • Edward Heisel, Cashier Supervisor
  • Laverne Bean, Cashier
  • Christina Hanson, Science laboratories
  • Caroline Mann, Science laboratories
  • Marla Counsellor, College Relations and Advancement

2002 Recipients:

  • Sharon Cavendar, Communications Center
  • Michelle DuPont, Developmental Education
  • Carol Lee Fish, Testing and Assessment Services
  • Linda Hudson, Humanities and Social Sciences Division

2001 Recipients:

  • Denise Fridge, Families That Work
  • Vanessa Halverson, Business Division
  • Susan Rubio Ortiz, Payroll
  • Veronica Russell, Human Resources

2000 Recipients:

  • Karen Adams, International Education
  • Gina Certain, Student Development Services
  • Jon Miller, Information Technology
  • Sandra Troka, Music Department

1999 Recipients:

  • June Ivey
  • Maxine Kraemer
  • Peggy Matteucci
  • Shirley Scott