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During the next decade, more than a million veterans will be returning from military service in Afghanistan and Iraq. Joint Base Lewis-McChord, the nation's third largest Army out-processing base, will transition up to 800 service members each month. Many of those returning will live in Snohomish County, due to its proximity to veteran resources and regional employment opportunities as well as its lower cost of living as compared to neighboring King County.

Veterans come home and face a whole new set of challenges including restoring their physical and mental health, finding employment, and navigating the complex network of benefits, services, and support (including educational) that is available to veterans. Increasingly, they are turning to community colleges to prepare for new careers and learn how to transfer military skills to the workplace. This growing student population has unique needs for which colleges are underprepared.

The Edmonds College Foundation has launched a $1 million campaign to support student veterans at Edmonds College. Boots to Books and Beyond Campaign funds will support critical on-campus resources, services, and activities during the next five years of troop draw downs and beyond.

We all benefit by investing in the success of veterans

At Edmonds College, education will provide veterans with skills for a lifetime. It will also create a stabilizing force for individual veterans, their families, and the broader community. Veterans who successfully transition into the workforce will add millions of dollars to our regional economy. We'll all see long-term benefits from having these leaders as employees, citizens and neighbors.

Join Us!

You can help make the difference for student veterans at Edmonds College. To ensure an unbroken path from military service to college and to a fulfilling career and life, we are partnering with donors like you to invest in a comprehensive veteran-friendly educational experience.