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CTE Dual Credit

CTE Dual Credit

CTE Dual Credit, (formerly known as Tech Prep) allows students pursuing a career and technical program to earn college credit while in high school. CTE Dual Credit classes count as college credit and fulfill a high school graduation requirement at the same time.

Students earning CTE Dual Credit, will have started their college program before they even graduate from high school.

Career and technical programs at your school district prepare you for in-demand careers in a wide variety of industries. Career and technical programs are designed through collaboration with local employers to ensure what you’re learning is important to their company. Graduates of certificate and associate degree programs often obtain higher salaries than those with a bachelor's degree.

High school students who are exploring their options after high school should review the program of study information with a career specialist. Find classes that are right for you. There are a variety of options for obtaining dual credit such as CTE , College in the High School, Running Start, and Advanced Placement. Each of these has different processes for enrollment and fees will vary. For more specific information about each program check out the program comparison page.

Getting Started

Enroll in a CTE class at your high school. After enrolling, apply for CTE Dual Credit before the deadline. Go to Pacific NW College Credit for additional information and how to apply for credit. If you earn a B or higher in the class you will get college credit for the class.

Articulated credit (tech prep) visit Pacific NW College Credit or talk to your instructor or career specialist.

For Running Start Take these simple steps

For College in the High School - Visit your high school instructor or career specialist.