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High School Dual Enrollment Programs

Steps to Continue Taking Classes after High School Graduation

If you are currently a Senior Running Start, College in High School, or Tech Prep student and plan to return to Edmonds College after you graduate from high school, you do not need to reapply.

Follow these steps:

Email admissions@edmonds.edu and tell us:

  1. Your full name
  2. Your ctclink ID number
  3. That you are switching from Running Start, College in the High School, or Tech Prep (whichever is true for you) to Regular Student
  4. Whether you have graduated from high school yet or if you will have graduated from high school by the time you start the quarter you are signing up for

Be sure to use the same ctclink ID number that you used for Running Start, College in the High School, or Tech Prep. 

After you inform Enrollment Services of your student type update, they will send you an "Undetermined Residency Update" form that asks the questions that were skipped when you applied as a Transitional Studies (Running Start, College in the High School, or Tech Prep) student. Fill the form out and return it to Enrollment Services.

Students will be required to pay tuition and fees within seven (7) days of registering. Visit the Financial Aid website to learn about Financial Aid and important deadlines.

Students are assigned times they can begin registration. Check out your registration time.

If you haven’t started building an academic plan for your program of study, check out the Advising Resource Center to learn more about your program and how to select classes that are the right fit for you.