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Running Start

Running Start for Direct Employment

How does it work?

Running Start for Direct Employment gives students an opportunity to get tuition-free college credits, and specific job skills needed for entering the workforce. Students can begin coursework and in some cases complete a college certificate or degree while still in high school.

Stop by the Running Start office to talk to staff. We will be able to help you understand how this works, and get you headed in the right direction in terms of course selection and what might be a good match for you given your skills and interests.

Watch this video. It provides a great perspective on the value of getting a certificate and degree for direct employment.

What occupational areas could I pursue?

There are a variety of different occupational areas and certificate and degrees that students can focus on through the Running Start program. These degrees are designed to give you skills that move you directly into the work force. Visit department pages below for more information.

How Do I Enroll?

Visit Edmonds College and meet with Running Start staff, email or call. Students and parents are welcome. We can answer questions, help you get started on the application, and help you through the enrollment process.

If you are ready to enroll, go ahead and start the 4 steps on the Running Start Enrollment Page. Contact us at any point in the process if you have questions or need help.

Featured Program – Composites

Running Start has worked closely with Edmonds and Mukilteo school district to provide a great option for students to get a certificate of completion in Composites and Material Science Technology.

  • This program gives you skills that make you competitive for a variety of jobs in the aerospace industry. Join an expanding industry that is seeking young workers with a background in material science and composites.
  • Develop skill sets to become employed in manufacturing industries such as aerospace, maritime, sporting goods, prosthetics, and alternative energy.

For details about this program there is an information card available and additional information at the Running Start Composites and Materials Science Technology Certificate page.