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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if Running Start is right for me?

Any high school junior or senior can participate in Running Start, but students should think about whether or not this is the right fit for them. Being a Running Start student requires college-level skills and maturity, including self-motivation, strong study, and time management skills. Students study in an adult environment and there may be topics of an adult nature discussed in the classroom.

Should I do Running Start or AP (Advanced Placement) or IB (International Baccalaureate), or College in the High School?

There are advantages to all of these programs. What sets Running Start apart:

  • Classes are offered on a college campus
  • Hundreds of classes to choose from
  • Gaining college credit is not dependent on how well you do on one test, but on the completion of a course over the whole quarter

If you are seeking opportunities to learn in a mature college environment, where you can have flexibility in your schedule and not feel pressured to do well on one test, then Running Start may be a good option for you. It is strongly recommended to contact the university that you plan to attend to ask about transferability of courses for all of the above programs.

How many quarters can I be in Running Start?

Eligible students can participate for a maximum of six quarters (fall, winter, and spring quarters of their junior and senior years). Students who start mid-year are eligible for the remaining quarters only. Running Start will not fund summer quarter classes, but if a student wishes to self-pay both tuition and fees, they can attend during the summer quarter.

What classes can I take?

Like other Edmonds College students, you can choose from a full range of academic and professional/technical courses in the class schedule as long as they are college-level (numbered 100 or higher) and you meet the prerequisites for the class. View our class equivalency guides and talk with your high school counselor. If you choose to take classes below 100 level like MATH 081, 082, 083, 084 (previously MATH 087) or MATH 093. 094 ( previously MATH 097), you will need to self-pay tuition and fees.

Can Running Start students take online courses?

Yes, Running Start students can take college-level courses through online learning. Students that do well in these classes are generally highly motivated, disciplined, and have solid time management skills. Online courses can be a big transition for Running Start students who are used to learning in a structured, classroom environment. Hybrid courses (a class that has both online and in-class course work) may be a great option if you are unsure about doing a fully online based class. 

How do you determine how many credits a student can take at the college?

Your high school counselor will know and will specify this on your Enrollment Verification Form each quarter. The number of credits you can take in the college is determined by how many classes you are taking in the high school.

How many college credits does it take to equal one high school credit?

Classes vary in credits, so it depends on the class you take, see the table below as a guide.  A 1.0 high school credit class (English, Math, History,etc.) which takes a school year to complete at the high school can be completed in 1 quarter (11 weeks) at the college.

Credits at Edmonds College Examples of college classes = High school credit
5 college credits Most English, Math, History, Psychology, Art etc. = 1.0 HS credit
4 college credits Some Horticulture, Social and Human Services, etc. = 0.8 HS credit
3 college credits Finance/Money Management = 0.6 HS credit
2 college credits Some PE classes = 0.4 HS credit
1 college credit Some PE classes = 0.2 HS credit


Is it possible to begin Running Start in the middle of the school year?

Yes, it is possible. Scheduling can be tricky as first and second semester in the high school overlap during winter quarter. Talk with your high school counselor to learn about how high school scheduling works if you wish to begin winter or spring quarters.

Do I need to find my own transportation to the college to attend classes?

Yes. If you do not drive, the college offers the Orca bus pass at a discounted rate.  

Can Running Start students get Federal Financial Aid?

Running Start students are not eligible for Federal Financial Aid. Other funding programs are available for qualifying students, such as the Fee Waiver Program or Textbook Resource Program.




I don’t know when registration begins next quarter. How can I find out?

Check the college Academic Calendar. Also check your email regularly as we notify Running Start students about important deadlines.

I’ve just tried to register for a class and it tells me I have a “HOLD" . What do I do?

  • Submit your Enrollment Verification Form (EVF) if you haven’t already – it is due every quarter before you can register online for classes. Remember to get parent/guardian signature.
  • If you have already submitted an EVF, log on to your ctcLink account to check your assigned enrollment date/ time. If it is before this date, you cannot register.
  • If you are still having difficulties, contact the Running Start office.

What should I expect when I turn in my Enrollment Verification Form?

If you turn in your form during peak times (the week of registration), then expect to wait for a while. We strongly suggest submitting this form one to two weeks (or more) before registration begins. Also, for first year Running Start students, expect to spend some time talking with us about your academic and career goals.

I’m 18, do I still need to get my Enrollment Verification Form signed by my parent/guardian?

Yes — even if you’re 18.

I was dropped from my class. What do I do?

Check your email first, then contact the Running Start office.

The fees don’t make sense and add up to more than the class fees listed. What are the extra fees for?

Running Start students pay class fees AND associated student fees.  Follow the previous link to learn more about fees.

I was told I need to pay for classes seven days after I register, is this true? 

No. Running Start students only pay for their fees and/or excess tuition on or before the first day of classes. General Edmonds College students must pay earlier, but not Running Start students. Note: Students will be dropped from classes if they do not pay by the first day of the quarter.

I thought Running Start was free but I still have to pay fees/books/transportation. How much money do I really save with Running Start?

Running Start students do not pay tuition for college-level classes. A full-time student (15 credits) who does Running Start for six quarters could save about $8,000 on tuition costs at Edmonds College! While books and fees can be expensive, there is a big savings on tuition cost.

I cannot afford to pay fees or books. Do you offer financial aid to students?

Financial assistance is available for eligible students through our Fee Waiver and Textbook Resource Program. Please see our website for the application.

I’m having problems logging into Canvas or my EdMail. What can I do?

Contact the Student Technology Advice Resource Team (START).

Can I still do Running Start if I meet all of my high school graduation requirements at the beginning of my Senior year?

Yes, as long as you save at least one high school graduation requirement for your senior year (which you can take Fall,Winter or Spring quarters), you can continue in Running Start for the remaining of your senior year.

Can my parents/guardians access my grades or contact my instructors?

The college complies with the federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). The college does not release educational records to parents/guardians without written consent (even for Running Start students). Please review the FERPA Release Records form. Instructors will not be available to speak with parents/guardians about a student’s progress. It is advisable to talk with the high school counselor about any questions or concerns regarding academic progress.

How do I get an official transcript sent to the university I plan to transfer to?

You will need to request an official transcript. Please check our transcripts page for more information.

How does my student enroll in Running Start?

Please view our step by step instructions on the “How Do I Enroll?” page.

Can I submit my student’s Running Start Application?

Yes, but the student’s ID number will not be given to anyone other than the student. The student’s ID number will be issued to the student by email or mail.

Do I need to be with my student when they submit their New Student paperwork?

No, but you are welcome to join your student.

Is Running Start free?

No, students are still required to pay for class fees, associated student fees, transportation and books. While there are big savings in tuition, there are still costs. Fee waiver is available for students facing financial hardship.

My son/daughter has an IEP in the high school, what should I do?

Have your student contact Services for Students with Disabilities to learn about accommodation options and to set up an appointment.

My student is homeschooled or private schooled, what steps can they take to do Running Start?

  • Private school students: will enroll in their local public high school for funding purposes. The  private school counselor will advise the student on courses to take toward high school graduation. The public school counselor will sign off on the Enrollment Verification Form.
  • Home school students: will get the Running Start Enrollment Verification Form signed by the district they have Intent to Home School paperwork filed with. Please see the district office for who the signing authority is for Running Start students.
  • Degree completion students: will get their Running Start Enrollment Verification Form by their local public high school counselor. Students should ensure they have met with an Academic Advisor to ensure they are on track for meeting degree requirements.

Can I submit the Enrollment Verification Form for my student?

Generally no. Unless there is an extenuating circumstance, it is important that we meet with students each quarter to check on their academic progress and planning.

My student is 18. Do I need to sign their Enrollment Verification Form?


My student has a school trip planned while college is in session. What should we do?

Your student should contact their instructor immediately to see what the implications are of missing class. It is the responsibility of the student to ensure the college schedule does not conflict with high school schedule/activities/programs.

How can I find out about important dates?

Please see the college’s Academic Calendar.

Can I access my student’s records?

Edmonds College follows the federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) concerning student privacy rights and access to student records. Information will not be released to a parent/guardian (including tuition and fees) without the student’s written permission. Information will be disclosed to a parent/guardian ONLY if we receive a FERPA release submitted by the student or if the parent/guardian establishes the student’s dependency as defined by the IRS. Families may discuss the Running Start Student’s final quarter grades with high school counselors. More information and FERPA forms are available on the Enrollment Services website.

Can I contact my student’s instructor if I am concerned about my student?

College instructors are not available to speak with parents/guardians regarding academic progress of a student. Please contact your student’s high school counselor or the Running Start Office if you have questions or concerns.