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Edmonds College HOUSING COVID-19 PLAN FOR 2021-22

Edmonds College Staff, Faculty and Students are now mandated by the State to be vaccinated before coming on campus. So we are now fully vaccinated in Housing and welcoming many students back to Housing and on campus classes. We would like to share with you our response to any concerns about our Housing Community at Edmonds and the safety and health of students given the COVID-19 situation.

Student’s Space

Edmonds Residence Halls are not the typical residence hall space you may be used to at Universities. Students will live in apartment style housing that will provide privacy and security. Roommates will share common areas such as the kitchen and living room, but individual students will have a single bedroom and share the bathroom with only one other student at the most. In addition, we also have many more studios and 2 bedroom apartments in our new Triton Court Residence Hall.

Edmonds Homestay Families are eager to welcome students from around the world too. All students are provided a single bedroom and in most cases, they only share the bathroom with one other family member.  

Placement of Students

We want students to be as comfortable as possible in the given situation, so we will be taking all of our students' requests into consideration while working on placements. This can mean that students may request: a certain apartment/room type, ask to live with friends, students from the same Edmonds athletic team, or country— you let us know what you would like in your placement and we will do our best to accommodate. Let us know what your housing preferences are on your application or via email: housing@edmonds.edu

Arrivals and Moving in during Winter

The official move in date for Winter Quarter is December 27.

Please note the College is closed for holiday December 20-24. Please see our Housing Important Dates Calendar for Arrival Date and other important dates.

Students can arrive on Arrival Dates now that everyone is vaccinated. You will not need to quarantine, but you will need to wear a mask at all times in your apartment or in your homestay for 5 days. If you do feel any symptoms you get tested right away.

Cleaning of the Residence Halls

We have implemented the following cleaning policies in our residence halls:

  1. All public spaces (community room, bathrooms, office area) are cleaned each morning.
  2. Students are responsible for clean their own room/apartments, but we do have free cleaning supplies for them to check out in our office.
  3. Hand sanitizing stations added near doors and Rainier Place Community room.
  4. We will keep encouraging students to wash their hands often and ask that they limit guests so there is still distancing being kept in the community.

Contacting Housing Staff:

We will continue having online connections with students through chat and email so students do not need to come to the Housing Office if they want to just ask a question. Our office will be open for picking up their packages, getting cleaning supplies, and other administrative needs.


We have RAs on-call any time the Housing Office is not open and we have two live-in Professionals who are on-call for the RAs during these times too. We also have a security staff member in Rainier Place and Triton Court on Friday and Saturday nights to assure that there are no non-residents entering the building on their own. Visitors must be with the student who lives in the building to enter.

Limiting Gathering Space and Visitors:

  1. We will continue to practice social distancing and ask that students limit their guests in the building (especially if they are sick) for the safety of the community.
  2. We will continue to monitor the need to enforce minimal guests or no guests at all times depending on the COVID-19 situation in the State/County/City.
  3. We will continue to monitor what kind of programming we have for the community (in person or online) according to the State/County/City/College recommendations according to COVID-19 related issues.

Isolation and; Quarantine:

We will work with Snohomish County Health Department if any isolation or quarantine is needed in our Residence Hall and/or Homestay Program. We will have some vacant apartments to use in regard to this need. If an apartment or building is quarantined, our staff will work with the students to try to meet their needs.

Edmonds Housing Stayed Open

While many schools closed their doors to students, Housing at Edmonds remained open for those students that did not have a home to go home to, or could not get a flight...about half our students stayed for Spring. We will support students if anything comes up again like we saw earlier this year.

RAs Hand Out Meals

Last Spring Quarter our RAs handed out meals every week to students. Funding was provided by local donors and meals were provided by Chef Dane.

RAs hand out food Chef Dane Logo RAs hand out food


Chat with us online!

We are available from 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

You can also email at housing@edmonds.edu.