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Host family talking to a student

Host Families

The Edmonds College Homestay Program is always looking for qualified hosts who have a strong interest in hosting and interacting with international students. Our emphasis is on cultural exchange. We are extremely proud of the many, long lasting friendships that our hosts and visitors have formed over the years.

Edmonds College recognizes many different kind of families. We define Family as: husband and wife, husband and husband, wife and wife, as well as single parent households.  

Steps to become a host family:

  1. Check bus system from your house to Edmonds College or Shoreline Community College. Must be under 60 minutes and must have frequent buses running weekday and weekends.
  2. Send e-mail to housing@edmonds.edu with your name, phone number, address, and bus numbers and how much time it takes to get to Edmonds College by bus. After sending required information, you will receive an e-mail with orientation information.
  3. Complete the Host Family Orientation.
  4. Complete Edmonds College Host Family File (receive forms at Orientation)
  5. Have your home visited by Housing Staff member (after Orientation)

We select hosts who want to:

  • Learn about other cultures
  • Meet and interact with visitors from other nations
  • Establish global friendships
  • Help visitors practice their English

Families participating in the Homestay Program often create friendships that last a lifetime. By living with a family, students make new friends and improve their English skills as they experience family life in America. Ongoing support is provided by the Housing Office staff, which also trains and selects each family and places students by introducing them to prospective families.

Include the student as a member of your family - ask him or her to participate in family activities and daily life. Students may be expected to be more independent in taking care of themselves than with their own family. Students are expected to clean their own room, do their laundry, and clean up after themselves in the kitchen and bathroom. 

Host Families Expectations:

  • Live in a safe neighborhood within 60 minutes of the college (including walk to bus stop and transfers)
  • Provide a private room furnished with a bed, linen, chest of drawers, desk, chair, window and closet
  • Be a native English speaker (bi-lingual households are okay as long as English is clear and fluent)