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Housing and Residence Life

Payment Information

Stipend for family

  • For each night that a student lives with a family, the family receives a stipend meant to cover food and expenses only. The nightly stipend amount is $27.00/night. The stipend is not intended for rent.
  • Stipends are mailed the first couple of weeks after a student arrives. Monthly stipends are mailed the first business week of the month.
  • Families may not bill students for additional expenses or request any funds from students without speaking with the Housing Office.

Student payment to college

Students pay for the entire quarter. There are no refunds for students who choose to move out before the last day of the quarter.

Vacations (student or family)

  • A student who goes on vacation for ten or more consecutive days during a homestay will be reimbursed $13.50 a night by the family (for meals and utilities). This does not include staying in the area with friends - only if they travel out of area.
  • If families go on vacation, we hope the student can go with the host family.
  • If the student can not go with the host family, here are some alternatives:
    • The host family has a family member or friend that can stay in the house and watch over students and feed them.
    • Student stays with another family, they then need to reimburse the other family the nightly rate and the student does not receive anything.
  • Once a plan is decided, be sure to send an email to the Housing Office with the plans with the name of person looking over students and emergency phone numbers.

If students want to move out or change families

  • New students must be in the program for one entire quarter, as noted on their applications. They must talk to the Housing Office if they plan to move out. They may have to continue paying Homestay, even if they have signed an apartment lease.
  • All students commit to stay in Homestay for an entire quarter, each quarter. Students may move out of the program at the end of each quarter.
  • No refunds are available to students who choose to move out before the end of the quarter.
  • Students that move out at the end of the quarter, or those who change host families, are encouraged to give their host families and office 20 days' notice when it is urgent or emergency.
  • If a family has already received a stipend for the full month, the Housing Office will send a letter asking the family to return the stipend for the time the student is not in the home.
  • There is a three-day grace period.


  • We work on a nightly rate with a three-day grace period.
  • If your student travels for ten days or more over a break, return $13.50 per night to the student for unused meals and utilities. Keep records of these returns for tax purposes.
  • Payments may be late if students have not paid or confirmed that they are continuing for a new quarter.