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Housing and Residence Life

Homestay Costs

  • Application Fee: $275 (non-refundable)
  • Airport Pick-up: $100 for arrival dates only*; $100 after arrival dates (*Airport Pick Up prices subject to change.)
  • Minimum Advance Payment (2022-23): $892.50 covers first 30 nights of Homestay. Refundable if cancellation is received two weeks before the arrival date. Placement information not provided until paid.
  • Activity Fee: $25 (charged quarterly)
  • New students make payments the first week they arrive, or a $100 late fee will be added
Quarter Quarter Cost Activity Fee Dates It Covers Arrival Dates New Student Payment Due
Spring 2022 $2,707.20 $25.00 March 25-June 26 March 25 April 1
Summer 2022 $2,201.50 $25.00 June 27-Sept. 8 June 27 July 5
Fall 2022 $3,242.75 $25.00 Sept. 9-Dec. 26 Sept. 9-10 September 15
Winter 2023 $2,677.50 $25.00 Dec. 27-March 26 Dec. 27 January 3
Spring 2023 $2,707.25 $25.00 March 27-June 25 March 27 April 3

More Important Dates

Policies Regarding Quarterly Payments:

  • Students must stay in the Homestay Program for the full quarter.
  • No prorating of prices the first two weeks of the quarter.
  • No refunds for moving out before the end of the quarter.
  • If students are out of town on vacation ten nights or more (consecutively), the family returns to the student $13.50 per night for the 2022-23 school year.
  • Students should give 30 day notice to the Housing Office and the host family before moving out at the end of the quarter. Failure to give a 30 day notice will result in additional charges.

Prices subject to change.