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Housing and Residence Life

Students Under Age 18

Edmonds College aims to provide safe, high quality, competitively priced accommodation for its students. The Housing Office provides a supportive environment in which students are helped and encouraged to develop their skills in leadership, community building, and academic studies. Students under 18 are encouraged to choose either Homestay or Residence Hall programs at Edmonds College. A parent/guardian must complete the Consent to Medical Care and Treatment of Minor Children Form


Homestay accommodation is available for students wishing to live in a home environment. Prior to placing students in Homestay, all Homestay Families must have their home inspected by the College's Housing Office Staff, anyone who is a US resident living in the home (over age 18) is checked for Criminal Records, and family members must take part in Homestay Orientations. The Housing Staff keeps in regular contact with the homestay families.

Students choosing to live in Homestay are provided with their own bedroom and expected to become and be treated as a member of the family. All Homestay Families have different expectations in their home, and they will be asked to be especially aware of the safety concerns for students under 18. The Homestay family is not the student's legal guardian, and therefore not responsible for emergencies/extreme behaviors (drug use, theft...). The college, and the law, will be involved with the student in regards to serious behavior matters. 


During Orientation Week, all students will be provided with a Student Handbook and College Calendar which lists the support available in College from a variety of programs including the International Office, Academic Advising Office, Counseling Office, and Academic Tutors.

The Orientation process includes advice to students on the facilities offered by the College and the local area and also offers an opportunity for students to register with banks, learn about safety issue in the US, and meet other international students who can support them during their stay. The College has links with a range of local organizations which are able to offer support to students, for example, specific religious and cultural needs and interests and students will be introduced to these as requested.