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Employment Opportunities


Edmonds College ensures an accurate compensation process for all employees, guided by college policy, collective bargaining agreements for faculty and classified employees, and federal/state regulations.

The Human Resources compensation team handles the processing of paperwork involved for newly-hired employees, as well as any Personnel Action Forms (PAFs) for all current employees. They are also available to answer questions about employment with the college.

Please see the Benefits and Leave page if you would like information about those topics.

Kathi Gentry, Human Resources Consultant

425.640.1774 | kathi.gentry@edcc.edu

(Administrative/exempt, classified, non-permanent hourly, student, international student, and volunteer/intern)

Mable Liddell

425.640.1326 | mable.liddell@edcc.edu

(Full Time and Partk time Faculty)

Salary placements are generally determined according to the type of employee:

Faculty - Full- and part-time faculty salary placements are according to the CBA.

Helpful Links

Earnings History for paychecks prior to ctcLink conversion 

Administrative/Exempt - Salary Information
Faculty - Faculty Collective Bargaining Agreement
Classified - Collective Bargaining Agreement
Non-Permanent Hourly
Student (including international students)

The compensation department oversees and ensures an accurate compensation process for all employees, guided by college policy and federal/state regulations, in an efficient and timely manner.