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life in washington state

Hi, I'm Shoki! If you haven't seen my introduction blog, feel free to check my previous post! Today, I'm going to talk about my life in Washington state.


As I mentioned in a previous blog, I'm working in CSEL as a Campus Event Programmer. 

“How?Aren't you an international student?”

Yes, I am an international student at Edmonds College, but we are allowed to work on campus! Yay! It is a great opportunity for international students to improve their English skills, communication skills, and leadership skills because you work with people in the U.S.

This is a picture of my wonderful SAB (Student Activities Board) team! We create campus events at Edmonds College to provide opportunities to help students learn community and enhance student success, academic success, diversity, and inclusion. We host a campus event at least twice a month so please check your student email, our social media, or posting board on campus!


I also work in OIP as an OIP Social Media Student Ambassador. I share my variety of experiences at the college to help students to know how it feels like as an international student and tips and ideas to enjoy and have a valuable campus life! Unfortunately, I haven't taken pictures with my supervisor, Abbi. But I'm sure you can find her on our website or during an event! She cares about me and my jobs even though she has a busy schedule. I can't tell you how great she is!

My community helps me a lot with improving my skills. I have learned how to talk to people properly, how to direct other people as a responsible Edmonds College staff, and of course improve my English skills. I really appreciate my community and Edmonds College for providing so many opportunities and a fantastic environment.


On the weekend, there are a lot of places that you can enjoy in Washington state. I love downtown Edmonds because there is a beautiful beach, neat stores, and nice views! Lynnwood, the city I live in, is an amazingly good location because it's easy to go to downtown Edmonds, downtown Seattle, and anywhere else.

Here is a picture of my first time going to the corn maze and haunted house with my friends! I have never been to the corn maze before, but it was absolutely fantastic! I would definitely recommend you to visit the corn maze! OIP had a corn maze and pumpkin patch event this year for students so don't miss OIP future events! I highly encourage you to participate in one of them because I know it will be a memorable opportunity for you!


The weather here is my favorite! In summer, the humidity and temperature are much more suitable for me compared to Japan. In winter, it's mostly rainy or cloudy days, however, such days make the nature of this city beautiful so I love the weather here no matter what it is!


Overall, I love the life in Washington and Edmonds College. I can’t imagine my life without the college and the people there. Not only do I get many academic opportunities but I get to experience working on campus. This is what I like about Edmonds College and this is why I chose to stay here. As an international student, I am so grateful to be able to feel that I am a part of the campus.

I hope you will also feel the same once you get involved with the activities or opportunities at the college! Don’t miss a chance at Edmonds College! Keep your eyes open for opportunities on your student email so that you will get to know what Edmonds College has for you!

Thank you so much for visiting my blog. See you next time!


Written by Shoki Nakata - December 4, 2019

Pictures taken by Shoki Nakata, Aria Zhang, Muhammad Irham, and William Le