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What Students Say

"My experience with coordinated studies allowed me to make deeper connections, both with my teachers and with my fellow students. My sense of community on campus grew, making me feel more at home."

Robyn Mushkin

"As a concept and reality, coordinated studies combine real world issues with academics to produce a unique learning experience unlike others found in education today. The course, Exploring Natural History in Word and Field, blends English and Biology with a curriculum centered upon current events in our immediate environment. Biology places emphasis upon natural selection and plant/animal identification, while English evokes curiosity about environmental issues through seminar papers. The class provides a drastically different learning environment, which focuses on creativity, teamwork and open-mindedness; you will not regret taking this course!

Carlo Walker

"Coordinated studies programs are a fantastic way for students to learn. The combination of two topics that would normally not be offered together?allows the mind to broaden and to consider things it never would have otherwise. I was in the Biology 105/English 155 class, Exploring Natural History in Word and Field, and I absolutely loved it. The closeness felt by everyone in the class made it easy to come out of our shells and feel comfortable. The level of enthusiasm and encouragement by the instructors was inspirational and led to a higher achievement than I thought possible. There is no other class I?ve taken that made me feel so comfortable and excited to learn."

Jennie Erikson