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March 2018

Tunnel of Intersections: Voices at the Intersection of Oppression

 Student looking at the DACA vignette

Edmonds CC’s fourth annual Tunnel of Intersections, exhibited on Feb. 28 and March 1, explored the intersections of social identity, culture, and systems through a “tunnel” of interconnected vignettes. Through this interactive, multimedia experience, our Triton community was able to connect with the stories of immigrants, students in transition, the #MeToo Movement, and others. Take a virtual tour.

February 2018

Edmonds CC honors Black History Month with a look at American history and its unspoken truths

 Community Scholar Delbert Richardson with the American History Traveling Museum

On Feb. 8, Community Scholar Delbert Richardson brought the American History Traveling Museum to the Edmonds Community College Center for Student Cultural Diversity and Inclusion. Throughout the day, more than 200 students and employees toured the exhibit where Richardson shares his journey of self discovery. In venturing to find out who he is, where he came from, and what he's capable of, Richardson curated the Traveling Museum to share what he has learned about American history and its unspoken truths. Read More