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Edmonds CC awarded accreditation for College in the High School program



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Edmonds Community College’s College in the High School program has been granted accreditation by the National Alliance of Concurrent Enrollment Partnerships (NACEP) for its high levels of academic oversight of its college courses taught at local high schools.

“NACEP accreditation is the hallmark of excellence, assuring that programs offer college courses in high schools that are as rigorous as courses on their campuses, thereby supporting student achievement and postsecondary success,” said Dr. Diana Johnson, 2018-19 chair of NACEP's Accreditation Commission from NorthWest Arkansas Community College.

Johnson said she was pleased to recognize Edmonds CC’s program as one of a select group of 112 concurrent enrollment partnerships nationwide accredited through NACEP's extensive peer-review process.

“We’re honored to receive this accreditation as one of only three community colleges in Washington state to earn this recognition,” said Edmonds CC President Dr. Amit B. Singh. “Our program provides local high school students with an opportunity to accelerate their academic studies and path to college while also saving money.”

College in the High School (CHS) is a dual credit program for students in grades 10-12 to earn credits toward graduation requirements while earning general education college credits that transfer to many two- or four-year colleges and universities. Courses are taught on the high school campuses. 

“CHS courses help students make a smooth transition from high school to college,” said Pam LeMay, director of Special Academic Programs. “Studies show that students who earn college credit while in high school are more inclined to be successful during their first year in college.”

Edmonds CC began offering the CHS program in 1997. It is currently offered at local high schools in Edmonds, Northshore, Seattle, and Snohomish school districts. During the 2018-19 academic year, 1,253 students enrolled and earned a total of 6,265 college credits. 

"As a CHS teacher, parent, and tax payer in the Edmonds School District, I believe the program to be of tremendous value to the community,” said Bill Hummel, a math teacher at Meadowdale High School. “Students are exposed to the rigors and expectations of a college-level math class while in the comfort of their traditional high school setting.”

Hummell said this low-cost, high-value program also alleviates some of the financial burden parents face when paying for college.  

High school teachers apply to Edmonds CC academic departments to be appointed as CHS associate faculty and work closely with an Edmonds CC faculty liaison who visits the classroom and provides professional development. 

Edmonds CC History Department Chair Erik Ray said the program has created a community of teachers and learners that are bound together by a common goal of student success. He supports the program through professional development opportunities, like summer reading programs, creating and providing resources, and campus visits.

“In partnership with Edmonds CC, CHS at Lynnwood High School has allowed me the most dynamic and awesome privilege of working closely with the Edmonds CC Math Department to share best practices and practical rigor for my students,” said math teacher Glenn Chinn. “I have benefited from various conversations and professional development that keep my instruction current and fresh in meeting course objectives at the college level.”

To earn accreditation from NACEP, concurrent enrollment programs:

• Conduct a self-study

• Document how their program adheres to NACEP’s 17 standards

• Undergoes a rigorous peer-review process conducted by a team of representatives from NACEP‐accredited programs as well as the NACEP Accreditation Commission

NACEP’s accreditation is valid for five years for initial accreditation and then seven years for reaccreditation, during which time programs are expected to uphold NACEP’s standards and report annually on program practices.

For more information about Edmonds CC’s CHS program, go to edcc.edu/highschool/chs.

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