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Event Planning


Program Requirement Sheet

Certificate Pathway

This is a suggested certificate pathway, a sequence of courses to earn the degree completely online. Please connect with an advisor to customize your program to meet your needs.

- Fall - Winter - Spring - Summer

Quarter 1

Course # Qtr. Offered Course Title Requirements Credits
CLART 105 Intro to Catering n/a 2
EVPL 240 Event Plan/Risk Mgmt n/a 5
EVPL 265 Event Plan/Best Prac. n/a 5
*EVPL276 Event Plan/Enter. and Prod. n/a – See Note 2
*EVPL 270       Event Plan/Practicum n/a 3

Total: 17 credits

Quarter 2

Course # Qtr. Offered Course Title Requirements Credits
EVPL 245 Event Plan/Green Events n/a 2
EVPL 250   Event Coordination n/a  5
HSPTR 140   Intro to Hospitality n/a 5

Total: 12 credits

Quarter 3

Course # Qtr. Offered Course Title Requirements Credits
Event Plan/Weddings or
Event Plan/Dest. Mgmt.
n/a See Note 2
EVPL 266 Virtual Event Planning n/a 5
HSPTR 230   Hosp. Law and Ethics n/a 2
HSPTR 258   Hotel Management n/a 5

Total: 14 credits

Grand Total: 43 credits

Important notes that are not included above

* Choose 4 total credits from the following 2 credit courses: EVPL 275, EVPL 276, or EVPL 277

** EVPL 270–minimum of 3 credits required – 1 cr. = 30 hours. These credits can be completed in multiple quarters. Three credits are not included in the above totals until you choose.

*Note: In the elective category there are additional classes to choose from and replace from the ones selected on this plan - See Requirement Sheet.