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Worker Retraining


Complete the following steps to get started in the Worker Retraining program. If you have not met with a Worker Retraining Specialist, please do so before starting the steps below. Contact Gina Certain or Linda Pendergraft to start the process. We look forward to hearing from you!

Admissions and Registration

  1. Complete Admission Application


  2. Take Placement Test or request alternative assessment
  3. Schedule an advising appointment to complete an Academic Plan.
    The Academic Plan is a quarter by quarter listing of the courses needed for your degree or certificate.
  4. Register for classes

Approval to Attend Training - Employment Security

  1. Email Gina Certain or Linda Pendergraft to schedule an appointment with a WorkSource representative to complete Commissioner Approved Training (CAT) and Training Benefits (TB) applications
    • CAT: waives work search requirement while attending school full time (12 credits or more)
    • TB: provides additional weeks of unemployment benefits

Paying for Tuition and Books - Worker Retraining

Worker Retraining tuition assistance is available for 1-2 quarters.

  1. Complete and submit the online form - Workforce Education Application as well as submitting a copy of your Academic Plan by email to:  linda.pendergraft@edmonds.edu. The Academic Plan completed in step #3. 

Federal Financial Aid - Grants, Loans, and Work Study

  1. Complete FAFSA
  2. Complete the Income Recalculation (calculates your eligibility based on current income information). Go to Financial Aid and click on "Forms."

Laid Off Boeing Workers

  1. Call the Trade Act Hotline at 425.861.3704
    • If approved, the Trade Act Program can provide up to two years of training. The Worker Retraining program can pay the first quarter until these funds become available.

Contact Us

Mon.-Thurs. 8:30a.m.-5 p.m.

Fri. 8:30 a.m.-12 p.m. (remote hours only)
Zoom appointments available by request.

Department Information

Gina Certain
425.640.1433 | gcertain@edmonds.edu | Mountlake Terrace Hall 130

Linda Pendergraft
425.640.1005 | linda.pendergraft@edmonds.edu | Mountlake Terrace Hall 130